Should made by now the event/ offer button......

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    • Should made by now the event/ offer button......

      By now......last years , the game should have been made the event or offer button. When an event like Whelp box comes. And sudden ur not in that day. Not only we louse some good things, but also ur lousing money...With that activate button, we could use that when u log in after a few days. Activate event etc....:0/

      Just saying, I was just a few houers to late on the Whelp, forgot it, and logged in the day after early.. no offers for having a life on the side -_-

      reg. Glow
    • Then there would be no point in having events or having boxes like whelps available because what your saying is to activate them when your able to get on. If you want to know about events just check the Forums, i save it on my phone and check it once a day but its not anyones fault but yours for not seeing that it was on so you cant blame anyone else.
    • Wasent thats I ment. But I see ur point. I ment if an event like Whelp on. All users can when thay log in activate the event for its self when u log in. Not that its available all the time for all. But for just 24 houers after u click start the event. And I mean its should ofc only be for the itemshop events.... Thats kinda more selling, more available for the players that miss out forum or log in so often. And at any time u got time to play, u can chouse to click start event for the 24 houers. But if u dont click etc. start u miss it next time u log in. Well, I gusess at this point no one care of do this. At other games made new, u have news map in ur acc. where u can do this when u log in. All games cant be the same :thumbsup: tnx anywhay, Close :pump: