Player Impersonation

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    • Player Impersonation

      This has forever been a issue on this community, even with all the safety features in place, there's still people falling for this

      Yes some people are simply naive and gulible, but more than anything these people are clearly appealing to players greed.

      Nobody is going to give you a extra 10 wons for an item because you are willingly to wait a few days for the money, nobody is going to pay double the price of an item if you just wait a few days, if the offer is too good to be true... it probably isn't

      Read the names of the people you are talking to, if they are asking you for stuff, if you have the person on skype or whatsapp or whatever, confirm on those platforms before giving the items, if memorising the names properly is that hard for you that you can't recognise extra letters or numbers on the names, find a way to confirm that you are indeed talking to the real player

      Be suspicious of anyone that is asking you for stuff and is not next to you and is asking to give the stuff on another character

      If you are announcing you buy item X, and you get PM telling you to log a account to get the item, don't log the account, not only the item will not be there, these guys try to implicate other people by making them log accounts that they used to scam others

      If you get a PM with the login details of an account, don't be greedy, don't be curious, don't log the account, not only it is agains terms and conditions, it is most likely someone trying to implicate you on a scam, take a screenshot and send a ticket

      Don't assume PLAYERNAMEShop or PLAYERNAMEAlchemy PLAYERNAMEHunter (or any other similar variation) belongs to PLAYERNAME, always double check

      Don't assume team doesn't do anything, we actively chase and ban these people all the time

      Don't assume team can't catch the main chars of these people, we catch the mains all the time, and they still come back, sometimes just for kicks, one of the most active impersonators usually comes back after beeing banned on his main account for something else, and then threatens to scam the whole server if he doesn't get his account back (he was banned yesterday on elvedin, be prepared)

      When something like this happens, don't sit on your butt crying and complaining to the whole server for 2 or 3 days before sending ticket to support, the 1st thing you do is to send the ticket, then go cry all you want to your friends, items lost due to impersonating sometimes can be refunded.

      I cannot understand how i get more tickets from the persons beeing impersonated than i get from the people beeing scammed by the impersonator, i don't understand how people wait days and weeks before sending the ticket, even if the item is not refunded the impersonator will be caught and banned, just report them! Also report them when you realise they are scammers.

      We monitor this, we ban many even before they manage to scam anyone, but we cant catch all before, we team can catch and ban these people, easy enough, after the havoc is done, YOU PLAYERS can stop them completly, and all you have to do is be smart

      Tell your friends this, tell your guild this, even if you think it's stupid and that everyone knows this, tell them just in case

      NEVER share your Game or Forum Account Credentials with ANYONE