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  • Users Introductions Rules

    Like the "We, the metin-2 team" section. This is for members and staff to find out about the people they are talking to on the boards. The point of this thread is to ask questions to know each others, sometimes a conversation may be held. It's ok, it's the spamboard.

    • You're allowed to have only ONE thread (one for introduction and one for goodbye) only.

    • The thread title MUST be your board name. The Game name may or may not be there as well.

    • To post questions that are insults or aggressive are not allowed.
      --- Ex) Does your mom like to do....
      This will be treated as flaming or trolling and will be warned.

    • Normal Board Rules apply here.

    • If any troubles with any thread please report it to the moderators that are assigned in this section.