DC Yang farmer questions

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    • DC Yang farmer questions

      Hey, im a level 75 sura and i want to know if its worth to level up to level 81 for monkey with 9,2% yang drop (10,2%hp)?
      Or im dropping better at 75 there?

      At now im getting 8kk maximum per hour. Would it increase if im level up and use my monkey`? or is it the same like with level 75 without monkey?
    • Don't use either of those medals. Damage today is around 5k no crit with crimson on (around 3k without it) with 2 pets no alchemy and 80undead. Today I'm with 20more undead than last night and in a slightly diffrent spot :D I'm just experimenting with this now while I have autohunt. Also I don't us e the attack skills (only crimson/indigo) which probably makes it slower but is a bit more economical when it comes to pots :D

      Also probably worth to mention - a bit more than half of the people I saw there today were lv81 so I guess it's not that bad at 81 :P

      And sonce I don't know much about this either I hope someone actually experienced in this answers here as well I wanna ask a similar question - how would the yang drop rate change (better or worse) if I made lv85 and used the yang drop belt? I want to make that farmer to 95 eventually so I'd like to start on the next bio sooner. So should I sit 81 for a bit longer or can I go to 85 without losing much or maybe even gain something?
    • Hello, im a lvl 75 sura wep, with P enchanted blade P fear g1 ench armour. I have 14k hp and 70 undead with 0% double chance of double yangs. My questions how much yangs can I make per hour, i use a decent amount of potions cuz of the poison. If someone can message me cuz i have a few more question to ask