Easiest run for lv100 without good equip

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    • Easiest run for lv100 without good equip

      Hey, im goin to reach lv 100 my first time in the next 3 or 4 days, before that i was maximum level 90 and i only know DT as a run and the lv90 map for metins. DT is to easy and lv90 metins not worth. But which run i can do without good eq, or with not that high investment like firedefence eq...(its cheap.. but for which run i need that ? The shoes and neck only are enought or i need more "highend stuff"?)
      I allready have lightning defence eq(neck/shoes+9 bad bonuses)for grotte(yeah im leveling there) and i have also an earthtalisman+1 and silvneck+9 1khp and windshoes+9 1.5k hp. Matt alchi I have aswell, with the alchimist ring for a bit extra bonus. No fireshoes or no oceanshoes. no titan shield and so on.

      SO which run is easy with not much investment on new eq... ?


      EDIT: my buff is ONLY lv95 with blessing G1( goin to P :)
    • Lv100 is too high for catacombs imo
      For the raza run if you have shoes and neck + costumes then its enough def. In one of the 1st raza runs I made alone I had 40 fire res or so - easy enough but I had buffs and dews and waters and no fire shoes/titan shield (still don't have em tbh) and alchemy I have mostly matt.
      I would say find a friend who is just like you and make raza (needs some def) or dragon (needs just dmg if 2guys) in duo. The profits aren't as good as solo but still better than nothing. And even if I haven't dropped any myself apparently you can drop straps from the mobs while doing raza runs so that's something as well.
      Another option is to find a team and try to do jotun. There even if you don't have much defs and die a lot you can just get up again and again and slowly kill that noob :D The profits are low but don't need that much effort either.
      And maybe make buff to 100 & with P's as well :D helps a lot with runs but you probably need some good wind def for that cuz in g2 that would take just too long :faint:
    • 1)
      So u mean i need the windresi for level my buff from 95 on lv100? Yeah i thought about it...(btw how long it takes? only with 100%exp push -> dropped ring+is ring)
      I have 40windrest overall(fearmask+6 10wind 20devil | ebonybracelet+8 2k hp 10devil 10windres | bad windshoes+9 | bad silverneck+9) Is that enought to level there? costume are 2 days left.. so dont expect that they are new coming in Itemshop in near future...(rip me :D one with 3 bonus cost me 8 won haha)

      ... about Jotun? is it really so easy???? i thought that is the hardest run... im wrong?

      ahh i forgot to say i dont have pet with beserk, only 10% hp monkey and as comparison: on lv90 map metins i do 3,9k-4,1k noncrit...

      what u mean with catacombs?
      and thx Testreg for that good answer :)
    • So, 1st about shamy- For me was a hell to make her lvl 90- true, I did not get good equip for grotto, but it still take a lot of time. 90 for me is good enough to make shards in lvl 90 map (for me isstill best way to make money). It`s aways good to have shaman lvl 95 or 100. But do not forget if you want to bring her in Forest, she need to get some wind also to survive in temple. Anyways, your choise.
      About runs: Find ppl for jotun, is worth run. Earth talisman is best for jotun-keep it. If you are ready to invest a litle bit more time, you can make good profit by lvl 120 metins (thief gloves, exp rings-800k, bravery capes-800k, blessing scrolls-3,5-4kk, soul stone-2,5-3kk)-on your lvl drop will be pretty good. Forest is best choice for me, the only annoying thing is to find the god dam tree in temple :P
      Make pet and take wep with good avg it will help you a lot, bio 92 and 94 good to be done-you need dmg there. Also it`s good to have % abs hp.
      Good luck.

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    • When I lvled my buff it took me around a week or so to get from 95-100 but I was doing it in a lazy way and I had normal ring+ IS ring + some 3hour rings from the iron boxes. I'd say maybe you need to wait till costumes are available again and make 2x 15 wind and you are good to go. I had clean wind shoes and neck+9 (with full refineds) 15wind helm and costume helm 15 and costume armor 15 and matt jade so that added up to 74 wind res and I was only loosing hp from poisoning on the metins but the mobs were lured away and I could use all ch most of the time - dead server advantages xD And to get in temple tou can just go to the 1st room and wait for the boss cuz it respawns every 3mis or something. Takes longer time but not that many problems with moving buff around :P
      For now maybe stick to metins and farm shards and make alchemy and sell it and get better gear (like monster belt or dmg helm for starters - is cheap at +0 and not too hard to make +6+7 for extra dmg) and make better pet and get bios done. And keep buff in group to slowly get xp on it :D Especially if you do things in the forest - will maybe get a lvl up just from farming :P
      About runs: I think your dmg is too low for solo raza for now so maybe try to join some jotuns where the most teams split the drops evenly so even if you don't help that much it's still good for you or if you have lots of orcs and a earth tali your dmg can be quite nice there even if it's relaively low on metins at least imo but if you don't have pets it's not that bad either :D And the jotun hits really hard and kills almost everyone quite often and it's kinda hard to hit the boss if you are dead and that's why it's considered hard :D
      Also - am I just blind and don't see it anywhere or you didn't say what class are you? :thinknoidea:
    • ok thats a insane tip "And to get in temple tou can just go to the 1st room and wait for the boss cuz it respawns every 3mis or something. Takes longer time but not that many problems with moving buff around" i love u thx buddy.. i try to figure it out. i think with alchi ring and 40%wind and buff that should work as well good if u are dont get any damage :D
      im warrior lv98 allday on grotto nowadays
    • Raza is the easiest for sure ^^

      Defence: get lots of fire resist and mobs can't harm you (70%ish) (costumes help ofc) - if you don't have that much, make up for it with HP absorb.

      Attack, get a fire talisman +1 (can be clean, doesn't matter), get crit/pierce pots, blue dews, and get some gear with pierce/crit too. and obviously the higher the avg on your poison sword, the better. 100 helm+6/7/8/9 helps too, lv 100 belt+6 is fine, just add sockets and flame stones. try to get berserker on your pet, even if it is a monkey, you will get 7% extra dmg, which is better than nothing! 95 earrings emerald) +6 with emeralds in it also gives extra dmg.
      Those items are all fairly doable to make/buy.

      Ah and since you are a warrior, P AOS helps enormously ofc ^^

      And Matt alchemy is good enough, don't waste money on higher alchemy. And bio lvl 80 done is good enough too (higher is better ofc) ^^

      Basically the same goes for dragon runs, but then light gear instead of fire. Though you need more dmg for dragon.

      I would suggest to try runs with 1 or 2 others, test your dmg, and try to improve your gear until you can solo. But even if you can solo them, it's much more fun, and way easier to do them together! ^^

      Basically, get 3 equipment sets, light, fire, wind, and you will rock almost all PVM maps ^^ let those resistances do their job, so that you can focus on maximizing your dmg output ^^
    • bsa+9 with 15 wind and 4 other crp stats is around 4 won i guess. You don't really need other good stats on it, but it makes it easier ofc if you do (50 attack , 10% HP absorb)^^

      Yeah you could indeed go for a lvl 1-34 armour and shuffle 15 wind on it (or even with extra good stats, easy to shuffle low lvl armours). In those maps, getting plenty of wind/light/fire resist is the best defence. If you have around 75% resist, you don't need arrow or magic etc, bcz mobs already do very low dmg (1). ^^

      I lvled my warrior with a lvl 1 armour with 15% light, worked just as fine as with bsa or blue steel with lightning.

      Also, if you have plenty of elemental resist, you don't need to worry about HP items, bcz mobs don't do dmg anyway ^^

      So, first focus should be getting as much elemental resistance as possible, then focus on attack dmg.

      Elemental resist:
      Necklaces can give you 10% (14% if you add ores in them). clean is fine, with crit on it is even better.
      Shoes can give you 10%. clean is fine, with crit on it is even better.
      Bracelet can give you 15%. HTB is best to use (bcz of crit). clean is fine, with pierce and devils on it is even better.
      Helmet can give you 15%. any helmet is fine, but 100 helmet with attack % is best. only elemental resist on it is fine, with devils on it is even better.
      Armour can give you 15%. only elemental resist on it is fine, with HP absorb / 50 attack is even better
      Matt legendary alchemy gives you 5% extra resistance, in case you need it.

      So you can already get 65% (70% with alchemy) without costumes. With costumes you can get 15% on the armour, and you could focus on dmg on the costume helmet, bcz you already have enough elemental resist. ^^

      As for attack:
      For dragon you will need lightning attack (light talisman+1) and normal dmg. (devils can be useful to kill mobs around you faster, but for dragon itself it is not needed)

      For Razador you will need fire attack (fire talisman+1) and normal dmg. (no other VS bonusses work on him)

      If you check the monsters page on wiki.metin2.co.uk/, you can find which boss is which element and if other bonusses (orcs etc.) work against it.

      Hope this helped a bit ^^
    • Agree with Shanez. Benefits of low lvl armor with 15 wind is you can use it for low lvl char to hunt in map 2 or frogs near temple etc. You can even make it easy by your self-it`s easy to make lvl 34 armor +9 so you can add free bonus and change them with free changers by lvl 40 chars.
    • helps a bit? u are crazy.. that helps a lot!!! thx my dude :)

      So i will make for 95map:
      monster belt+6
      95 earings+6 clean
      15%wind armour.. im thinking bout lv90+4
      i got allready 10% wind 10 wind 2khp ebonybrac.+8 (its enought?)
      i will make 100 helmet+6 with i try 10% wind or more(i have fearmaks+6 10wind 20devil hmm, bad?)
      shoes/neck+9 i have allredy with wind

      without talisman its fine? it cost 30won+1 right?.. better 100helmet+emerald+monsterbelt instat?

      for raza
      keep the same as above + add clean shoes/neck? maybe pay 4won for firetaliman+1 clean? (i have no addes(switcher, im not using itemshop)

      other runs to hard(dragon maybe with 2frinds i will try today because i stil lgot 20% lightcostume taht expire tomorrow ;:D)

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    • If you get all that for forest you should be ok if u get a costume with some wind as well. The brac can be better but s ok for now and the helm is nice too but if you can make lv100 with same bonuses would be better :D The wind tali is damn expensive so I'd say forget about it for now :D
      For raza if you get all the stuff with 10-15 fire you should be fine without costumes but you should get the fire tali+1 tho. And here a lv100 dmg helm with res would be more important than in forest. And posion/bleed helm but for that I think you need more than lv100 xD The boss is lv108 so at least 103? 102? Dunno... Can't remember if it was 5 or 6 lvl difference to poison.. or 7? Meh whatever... not that important now - main thing is you should also have a char that can bleed & poison it if you want an easy kill.
      And dragon as I've said before - all you need is dmg. If you lure the room before then you can do it even with 0 lightning res just takes 5min longer