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    • OldSkool Guild

      Hello fellow Metin2 players!

      Some of you might know this already, but since a couple of weeks, we have a new guild in Chunjo called OldSkool. :thumbsup: :thumbup:

      We are a group of players who thought it was time for a new guild to step up Chunjo's game ^^ Most of us are players who like to do PVM, dungeon runs in particular. Therefore, we do many runs every day, such as, Blue Dragon, Razador, Nemere, Jotun, Demon Tower and even Group Meley from time to time.
      We are now looking forward to expand our guild and to take on Guild Meley and Zodiac Temple runs.
      Obviously, we also do some PVP when it's needed ^^

      What we can offer you as a guild, which basically acts as a family, is the following: :beer:
      - You will be part of the family, you will have fun people to talk with and to do stuff with!
      - You can participate in PVM runs if you have the required level!
      - You will have a guild to come to help you, both in getting better (PVP and PVM), as well as helping you when you're in trouble!
      - We are willing to provide you with items and we can sell you items at reduced prices!

      Wat do we expect of you:
      - Be active!
      - Help your guild members when you can and they need it!
      - Behave! We have a strict policy on 'flaming' and annoying other people etc. We try to be friendly towards everyone. If someone else acts unkind to you, don't lower yourself to their level. :thumbdown:
      - Contribute to the family feeling ^^ Don't be a stranger, talk to people!
      - Talk English in the guild chat!

      Preferrably, we are looking for some higher level players, to help us join Zodiac and Meley runs, but basically we accept everyone who wants to be part of our family! :rolleye:

      If you have any questions, or would like to know our guild rules in order to join, PM Skie or ThorX. If both are offline, feel free to ask anyone who is already in the guild ^^

      Looking forward to welcome some new players in our guild! :rolleyes:

      Kind regards,

      Shanez / Skie
    • We did it! Took us a while haha, but OldSkool guild has finally completed its very first Guild Meley since the merge! ^^ :D :luvu: :beer: :ohyeah: :gaming1:
      More runs will follow of course!

      (also in the Meley run, but not in this party; Morfin, Cafard, HaiTTaM, well done everyone ^^)

      Chunjo on its way to success :love: :beer: :ohyeah: :gaming1: