Trading glass

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    • Trading glass

      I'd like to report some bugs for the trading glass.

      As: Looking for skillbooks and searching it by name of the skill book and i don't find . And when i look in shop the skill books that i search for are in shop.

      So please try to make that trading glass accurate because i feel i got it for nothing as i can't find nothing with it as long it is bugged.
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    • It's not bugged, the name of the item is Skill Book

      Skill Books are all the same item, and the actuall skill is defined by a "slot" in the item, that's why it's not searcheable and that's why if you go to their category all are called skill book

      When searching for skill books you need to browse the category and put the mouse over the list to see what skill book it is

      It's the same reason why skill books can't stack, it's not ideal, but this is the way the game it's coded, and unless it changes, it will be like this

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