It's alive! Elvedin server is online!

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    • It's alive! Elvedin server is online!

      Dear players,

      We're glad to announce, that the new server Elvedin is up and ready for you to begin your adventure in the world of Metin2!

      Multiple things await you:
      New dungeon!
      Extra events!
      And more!

      May the Dragon God bless your path!

      Metin2 team.
    • Change Log 18.3a

      Dear players,

      Start your saga on the new server with version 18.3a and its unique settings. Board a ship and defeat the mythical Hydra and other slippery sea monsters in an action-packed battle on the high seas. Read all about the upcoming changes in the change log:

      • Server Launch with New Exclusive Instance
      • New instance: Ship Defence
      o Defend the deck of your ship from sea monsters and the gigantic three-headed Hydra
      o Collect the Hydra’s Chest in reward for your victory. The chest contains awesome rewards such as the pet egg for the little sea monster Nessie and summoning scrolls for General Yonghan and the Mighty Ice Witch
      o A new introductory quest leads you on board a ship where you can start the group instance
      o Instance designed for 2 to 8 players
      o Requires Passage Ticket
      o First glimpse of the map of the new continent
      o Can visit Harbour with a special Gaya Market

      • Level restrictions have been changed for the following dungeons on the new server:
      o Spider Dungeon 2: Level 40 to 68
      o Demon Tower: Level 47 to 75
      o Devil's Catacomb: Level 69 to 86
      o Grotto of Exile: Level 72 to 97
      o Red Dragon Fortress: Level 87 to 107
      o Meley’s Lair (group): Level 87 to 105
      o Meley’s Lair (guild): Level 87 to 110
      o Nemere’s Watchtower: Level 87 to 107
      o Temple of the Ochao: Level 90 to 120

      Bug Fixes
      Fixed an error which prevented the full group from entering Erebus.
      Fixed an error whereby Dragon Stone system slots could cause issues with inventory slots.
      Fixed an error which caused incorrect item icons to be displayed.