language barriers

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  • Monoceros1 wrote:

    Gameforge know where can they get money their bank account.. So cuz of
    it opening a absurd new server. I think about this happening. Many TR
    players leave after the see this server language is english. Turkish
    players playing their server bcuz of their server language is turkish.

    I'm Turkish too. I know little bit english. So many times i translate on
    google what people was say. I have many turkish players. They making
    this like me many times in the day. But There , In the Turkey Server ,
    If language will change to english gameforge will lose %99 players
    because of this.

    English is a global language but in turkey %10-20 know english.

    UK server is avarange 20-30 years old players. In turkey server Avarange
    8-15 years old because of it they can't stay long time with english

    Are you referring to this ?? He's probably just confused.
    I assumed that he thought the new server will be released only in UK.
    So, people from TR trying out the new server will not be able to understand English bla bla..
  • sgtrich wrote:

    hi I play uk server as I am from uk and the language is English so if you are not from uk and don't cant speak English why moan about it at all.
    pal, to be from the uk you made a strange mistake " and dont ,ant speak"??, yes this is a UK server, yes in the chat call you are meant to speak english, but people in a normal conversation can speak the language they want.