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      -TO START OFF THIS LIST, I want to say that most items are looking for trades, I can trade more than one item for a decent 3bonus pvp item, earrings, shoes, armours & necklaces.For offer pm Deathi in game, if not private message me here, or even replying down below
      ·hte 152hand 10hh 10dagger
      ·Ee 10hh 10 sword
      ·Qilin 2khp 10dagger 10arrow 10avoid
      ·Hornbow+9 36avg
      ·Horned helmet 15lightning
      ·Shaman shield+9 12str blackout 6int( only.for trade for another shaman shield with 12int and blackout)
      ·Earth talisman+0 10hh resis 3%sword break, 5%2hand break, 5%blackout,20fsll resis(only trade for another tali+0 with 10hh and def%)
      ·Mpa+9 15lightning 10dagger 10fan 15sword 1.5khp pvp+4 stones
      ·Aura plate armour+4(transmutated with desert warrior) 15arrow 15%2hand 1.5khp 10cast 5%sp abs pvp stones+4
      ·Mpa+9(transmutated with azrael armour)
      15sword 15fan 30attack 5hp abs 1.5khp pvp stones +4.
      ·Ee 15 sword 15 two hand 10fan 20devs
      ·Ee10hh 10 claw and bleed resis 2-4%( cant remember)
      ·Ee 10hh 15dagger 10fan
      ·Ruby earrings+8 10hh 10sword
      ·Qilin 15sword 152hand 15 dagger 10arrow 6 claw
      ·Pearl necklace+7 10sword 10%2hand 5cri 3 pierce 1.5khp
      ·Pearl necklace+9 10dagger 10arrow 1.5khp 10crit 5 pierce
      ·Oceanic shoes +6 15arrow 15 dagger 5 blackout 1.5khp
      ·Golden necklace 15claw 8blackout 1.5khp
      ·Euphoria shoes 15claw 10 sword 1.5khp
      ·Qilin shoes 2khp 15sword 10 fan
      ·Horned helmet 10hh 10magic 2 bleed ( only trade for a similar helmet or better to someone who needs this one)