Announcement Market Rules

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    • Market Rules

      A.- Posts

      1. Always stay on topic! Any kind of spam will not be tolerated!
      2. Offers that are lower than the sellers original price or are clearly outrageous will be considered as spam.
      3. Making non-logical bids or estimations will be considered as spam.
      4. Repeatedly bidding and withdrawing offers can be considered as post hunt so please only post a bid if you are really interested in the item.
      5. Creating a new thread while a previous thread with the same item(s) is closed by a moderator will result in a warn
      6. The Market is not a charity board. Begging will not be tolerated. /
      7. If someone breaches a rule use the report function - don't let yourself fall into making an off-topic post.
      8. The general board rules apply also in this section. /

      B. -Selling/Buying/Trading/Estimation

      1. Offering resources, attacks etc, for real money is absolutely forbidden.
      2. Opening more than 3 threads with single items instead of making a sell list should be avoided.
      3. Thread may be bumped once in 3 days ( 72 hours ) after the last post was made by using the icon provided " :bump: " or writing out the word " BUMP ". Doing this before than the time stated will result with a warning and multiple violations may result with the closure of the thread.
      4. If the seller has new items or information about the items on sale he can do so by clearly stating out the items old and current price/status in a new post.
      5. When a trade is completed, the thread starter should post a ''Close Topic'' or ''Trade Finished''
      6. Opening more than 1 thread at a time for the same subject/item will result in them being closed and thread starter warned.

      C. - Trade list

      1. Posting more than 3 items will be considered as a Trade list. And this are only allowed for Sell/Buy purpose. In this list it is allowed to bump after an item has been sold (or to change the prices). In order to avoid people ask for sold items. When a list is completed, or the buyer/seller doesn't need it any more he/she needs to follow the same procedure as a normal Trade Thread.

      NEVER share your Game or Forum Account Credentials with ANYONE