Gameforge list of achievements in Metin2 in last years

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    • Gameforge list of achievements in Metin2 in last years

      1. Creating new char to make all of us pay even more dc on changers to get new resistance items.
      2. Adding new item shop stuff (loly if not loly then wheel with bone stuff if not bone then some nazar thingie). So nondc users can feel even more outmatched and useless in pvp.
      3. Making magic users weaker with huge amount of magic resistance just to add anti magic stone so they cant have 3 pvp stones the same time.
      4. Making players wait for so called balance that changed absolutely nothing.
      5. Forcing players to check their pets skill by using freaking box
      6. Reducing number of channels in the biggest server and keep 6 channels for server that died in 2 weeks.
      7. Making upgrade depended mostly of item shop

      if i missed something feel free to correct me guys.

      Keep it up gameforge and keep wondering why servers are getting empty day by day. :unsure: :thumbup: :ohyeah:
    • I don't even know why you even bother posted this.

      Magic user weak ? What level are you ? 25 ?
      Oh and Global EU are not entirely "dead" ya know ? I'm pretty sure most of the top player can compare with peeps from Sol. Maybe even better.
      The pet things arguably annoying but still they gave some major boost.

      Play or quit. Merge is coming. Be grateful.
    • I posted this because there is something like freedom of speech and expression . This is not like i insult somebody here i just say what i dont like (Bug & Complain section). I dont remember myself coming and asking people why they are posting something even when i didnt agree with them.

      Yes in my opinion magic users got weaker with all magic resistance in game now and no i am not level 25. I bet you are level 121 and whatever i say now is invalid in your eyes. This is realy cool and all that Global EU is not enirely dead but still number of players is repeatedly bigger on SOL yet they took 2 channels from SOL and kept 6 channels on EU ?(
      I didnt say pet system is bad i said making us buy boxes to check pet's skills was wrong and unfair cus to find right pet with right number of skills did cost us alooot of dc.
    • Hi,
      regards to the power of magic fighters, i'm not sure if you made the right calculations
      cause to fight vs a real magic fighter you'll need a lot of hard work and luck in this game as the def vs magic in 2 items (helmet and bracelet) should come with the 10 HH which is a must for a pvp player, while the HH comes with def vs other characters only in one item which is earrings,
      Anti magic stones r working really well for magic fighters though if u don't like it then put 3 attack stones
      the BM sura comes with DP skill which will allow him to take less damage than others unless they get a perfect def in all items and i don't think it is fair from you to attack the (extra magic res) we get in other temporary items while it makes BM having more def also,
      finally the history of this game proves that the magic fighters took the biggest share of top pvp players