Changelog 18.1

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    • Changelog 18.1

      Hello everyone.
      Can someone explain how exactly work that part of update ''Create a set of six Dragon Stones of the same grade and receive a set effect bonus". If I am get it right, I should get 6 diamonds for example- rare, antique or legendary and will receive an bonus set. What kind of bonuses? Where the set are appeared etc.
      Thank you.
    • If you have 6 stones attached (diamond, jade, ruby, sapphire, garnet, onyx) you will recieve a bonus if the grade of the stones is the same, so if all stones are legendary you will recieve a bonus. There are some youtubers who have made a video if it. for example your diamond with 8% skill damage and 8% skill resistance will have a bonus of 2% (so you'll get 10% skill damage/10% skill res instead of 8), same works for your ruby, jade, sapphire, garnet and onyx.