Upgrade Items Prices

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    • Upgrade Items Prices

      Hello everyone, I am very confused about the prices of the following items, there are many upgrade items so if you can help me that would be great. Here goes the list, if you know the prices copy the list and put the prices next to every item:

      Scorpion Tail -
      Demon's Gem -
      Demon's Gem+ -
      Unknown Talisman+ -
      Frog's Legs -
      Ice Killer Whale Horn -
      Piece Of Ice -
      Yeti Fur -
      Orc Amulet+ -
      Yeti Fur+ -
      Ice Marble+ -
      Advanced Polymorph Book -
      Spider Web -
      Unknown Medicine -
      Scorpion Claw -
      Scorpion Needle -
      Spider's Poison Sack -
      Demon's Keepsake+ -
      Rusty Blade -
      Piece Of Fabric+ -
      Demon's Keepsake -
      Frog Tongue -
      Piece Of Ice+ -
      Plant Sap -

      Thank you in advance.