Combat zone points ABUSE

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  • Combat zone points ABUSE

    Since some recent patches, you are not allowed to farm your own characters in combat zone for points...However, there are still players doing that first of all being xIxKxOx (jinno player).
    I struggle one entire week, to kill each day in combat zone ppl, and barelly made 30 points...and he farms in 30 minutes and makes 76 points.
    Why there are rules, if no one respects them?
  • You were never allowed to farm points, the only thing patches changed was that you can't use that many points anymore

    That players and others have received the appropriate punishment for their actions, that one in particular seems to have not learned the 1sst time arround, now there's no more chances for him to learn

    There are rules to be respected, most people do respect them.

    In these cases you send a ticket to support reporting the abuse, instead of opening a thread about it

    Topic closed, as it is quite close to ban discussion


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