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    • I think 2x attack value is best choice in my opinion because mental warriors they focus purely on defense so more attack power is needed. Some players in my server chose 1x hp and 1 attack..

      I'm a body warrior and i chose both attack for 92 and 94, but the way i see things it would differ. for an example if i had multiple gears that are like 3x max defences but no hp on armors, neck and all that or a bracelet like (Htb) with 10hh 10 piercing no hp like overall good items with no hp and good defences and etc. then i wouldve went hp hp for 92 and 94. But i didnt because most of my items are 15% defence and at least 1,5k hp. So the way i see it is different on choice on those bios.

      So overall its just personal preference what i said above is how I would choose and see the game to be if i choose. just make sure dont misclick defense x>