Problems when opening more then one tab

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    • Problems when opening more then one tab

      Hello I am experiencing a problem, when I run DTs I usually open up like 8 tabs of accounts to run to the smith floor so as to have many opportunity to upgrade. I haven't done any DTs for like a very very long time so therefore I decided to run again but ultimately there is another issue..

      I open one tab usually it opens with no problem but when I try to open the second tab it always pops up metin2.client.bin has stopped working or sometimes it pops up a gameguard N protect issue and then all this things pop up and say send this to gameguard and all of this things. When I really need to open more tabs sometimes the highest amount of pop ups for this was that I had to click the metin2 client 8 times popping up either one of those errors and eventually the second tab opens..

      Any solution to this thanks..
    • Have you tried turning it off and on again? -every IT guy ever

      Anyway... those are just random guesses but here is what I would try:
      running metin as admin or some of the compatibility modes;
      launch the patch updater thingy;
      delete the gameguard folder and let it reinstall itself again
      or if none of those seem to do the trick then just reinstall metin completely.
    • Hi,

      I guess you already tried the simple stuff like reinstalling the game (if not, try that, takes only 5-10 mins)

      If it's related to gameguard i guess there's something that gets in conflict with it. Before you get in game, try to disable antivirus if you got one and see if the error's still there (antivirus is the most common program that got in conflict with gameguard usually), or try to find any other app/program that gets in conflict with gameguard.

      I don't have this issue as you say, I can open more than 1 account in the same time BUT i get A LOT of crashes. I can't even keep my shop online for 3 hours. Sometimes i get game crashes, like, game is closing by itself without any error and other times i get a lot of disconnects. Thought it may be cause of my internet but i'm 99.9% sure it isn't. Some friends of mine got the same issue as me. They told me i have to "move" the character/shop/window so i won't get dc. Even now i was afk for like 30 mins and the game was in the taskbar so when i clicked on it to play again i pressed W to move with my char and i got disconnected. Pretty annoying if you ask me... i'm setting shop many times/day cause of disconnects. Not to mention i got many dcs in DT aswell, floor 7/8 so i had to get there again and again...

      I will change my internet cable just to be sure (mentioning this one i have right now is almost new and it has no trouble with connection, everything related to internet works just fine except those game disconnects) the problem isn't from me but as i said... i doubt it, maybe if i was connected to some wifi router then yeah, signal may be lost from time to time but as it is right now... idk what to say.

      Back to your issue, as i said, try to find apps that are causing conflicts with gameguard. If not... reinstalling operating system (clean install) usually solves almost everything (except my problem with dcs, tried that already) .-.
      Sometimes that light at the end of the tunnel is a train...
    • It pops up either gameguard issue or metin2.bin issue pop up. I open first tab no problem, second tab sometimes i open the client 8 times and then a second metin2 tab opens. I would ceebs doing it 8 times with the process of opening it 8 times with errors and all this annoying pop ups just for DT run.

      I can try reinstalling the game when i have time i guess.. It takes a bit longer for me to download because my internet isnt as good as the very good ones. Disabling my antivirus, mm the one i have is very trustworthy if it usually interferes with something the virus would also provide a pop up to know whether it is interfering with a problem or not.

      Reinstalling operation system? as in reformatting the pc? I dont think I would do that just for a game I would only do it if there is something really serious on my pc...

      I dont think ive had that issue of shop closing in 30 minutes ur issue elijah but i did have some disconnection issues in DT as well I even have this issue in DT where on the 3rd floor , 2 floors above the ground floor I kill all monsters and i dont teleport to the metins 4th floor.

      The main thing to say is that I get this issue after opening the first tab. I always open first tab with no problem but when i open second tab either gameguard, or metin2.bin issue pop up arises.