Archers' Spark Skill

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    • Archers' Spark Skill

      Heya, not sure if this is a bug or if I should've posted it in questions & tips or at character discussion->ninja but it more looks like a bug to me, though I apologize in case of the wrong section.

      I'd like to ask ya archer fellas, how does spark skill feel after the modifications?

      It's all great we can use that again with daggers but it's almost useless in pvm, at 1st I was happy and thought it will be more helpful than ever. Who plays on archer knows the trouble of pvm. I'm dealing like 300~ dmg with daggers so in pvm it's nothing, maybe the poison chance helps a bit. Anyway, i've been used to the disadvantages during these years so i'm not really complaining, if that's how it is, okay then ._.

      Another big problem for me is that when we use spark skill, indeed we become invisible to escape from whoever hits us, really great chance to win duels, BUT there is some kind of delay/massive lag happening for like 1-2 seconds when we use spark and that might cause death (happened to me in pvm, i was hit by a big group of mobs in g1, golems to be more exactly where i resist pretty good for my level and not so awesome items but after i used spark to poison and escape by them surrounding me, a 2-3 seconds of lag/delay happened and after that i've seen lots of red number (dmg taken from them) and i died). Need to test this kind of *skill lag* by being on 2 chars at the same time, maybe in a duel, trying to see if the opponent gets the same laggy situation as me when i hit spark.

      I remember this kind of delay when it was at warrior's Dash skill, really long time ago, or at female warrior's berserk.

      Any1 know what i'm talking about? I hope i'm not the only1 who noticed this, please share your opinions mates, thanks ^^
      Sometimes that light at the end of the tunnel is a train...
    • About getting on & off a mount/horse i guess it depends on the amount of players/mobs around u and also the internet connection. It happened to me aswell but not always. Sometimes there isn't any feel of lag, everything or every animation is happening in real time while getting on/off mount.

      Lucky thing for buff skills is that the lag wont affect players much, it's a buff after all, we use em before getting into battles but having an attack skill with this issue is worse :c

      If there could be any resolve for this it would be great
      Sometimes that light at the end of the tunnel is a train...
    • I see...

      Well, that being said, clearly it's an issue... old one that i didn't pay attention for, atleast i didn't feel it that much cause most of it was caused by buff skills.

      Would be great if a CoMa or any staff member could send this issue for any fix, or we'd better make a ticket to support, hope that will be solved in time (even if it was here for years). Just wanted to know if any1 else noticed this at spark skill.

      Ty mates
      Sometimes that light at the end of the tunnel is a train...