Alchemy-Time Elixir

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    • To get them you buy a tongs of time then drag them on to a gem (it gets destroyed so most sane people use rough ones) and then you get an elixir with a random duration (5% 15% 30% 50% and 100% (even tho I haven't seen anything higher than 50%) and its always S no matter of the % you get) and then you can drag the elixir on an equipped gem to extend its time by X%. Also the elixir itself has a duration so you have to use within 24hours so don't make one unless you actually want to extend some alchemy. And according to german wiki the size of the elixir depends on the upgrade level of the gem you destroy and that it can fail but I've never failed so far so I guess that part isn't true and maybe if you try to destroy a excellent legendary gem you can get a L elixir that always gives 100% but I'm not crazy enough to try that :D Using the rough ones does the job just fine so why waste anything higher than that :D
    • Thank you for the exhaustive answer. About the size of elixir, I think on same way, maybe if you destroy higher stone than rough, size will be bigger but who knows. Maybe rough and cut are for S, rare and antique for M and legendary for L or something like that. Will see.
    • trenb wrote:

      How do you get a time elixir?
      Already kind of explained before but here is a step by step list:
      1. Go to alchemist
      2. Click "open shop"
      3. Buy Tongs of Time
      4. Click and drag the Tongs of Time on a alchemy stone (unequipped, and preferably a rough one) to create a Time Elixir (24h duration, random extension time)

      5. Click and drag the created Time Elixir on to an equipped alchemy stone whose duration you want to extend.

      Also a little edit on my previous post on this thread: I have actually seen a 100% time elixir now (made from a rough stone) so I guess it's all about luck :D It still was only S though so I'm starting to think that M and L aren't implemented yet.