Tips for my pvm Weapon Sura

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    • Tips for my pvm Weapon Sura

      Hey all,

      currently i have a PVM dedicated weapon sura in Jinno. (Global EU)
      lvl 53, M3 Ench. Blade, M3. Ench. Armour, 17 Fear, 1 Dragon swirl
      71 VIT, 90 INT, 9 STR, 3 DEX
      I need tips on a couple things:

      1. Finding items, i've farmed up some yang but it seems i can't find the right equipments and items. The only equips i see on the market are for Warrior, does this mean i have to make everything myself? other things like skillbooks, upgrade items are overpriced on the market in my opinion, (ench. blade price spikes between 4kk and 2kk). Currently i have a fms+9 with 27% average, Castlehelm +7, BRS+6, YY+7 (so my equip need to be changed as soon as possible :/ )

      2. Guilds, i used to play on the NL server and guilds were a big help. I used to DT run with them, help each other find items, group lvl, etc.
      I've heard Jinno is the most populated (correct me if i'm wrong) and i don't see much serious guilds except for 75+ guilds.

      3. What should i do? my goal is to reach a higher lvl (always wanted to wear an Aura Plate Armour :rolleyes: ) i never went over lvl 54 so there is a lot of content i would like to see and try out. But as it seems now i need at least a couple years to get there.

      I have around 500kk to work with, all the tips are welcome :D
    • My advice to you:

      For your skills make sure you login everyday and read the skillbooks daily for every skill mastered. 17 fear? make sure you use band to make it m1. After you work on VIT that reaches 90, you can choose to make STR or DEX next to 90 it is normally personal preference but if i was to play ur class I would max STR after VIT AND INT.

      Your current gear is fine, 27% fms+9 should last you until you are 75 and when you are lvl 75 you can use posion sword+9 with a very good avg, castle helmet+7 can last you until 60 when you can use horned helmet, run DTs often and eventually in my opinion you would make an acceptable horned helmet+8 or +9 or +7 if it fits yourself. BRS+6 (I know everyone at your level usually has+6 but it should also last until you are 61 and you can use lvl 61 shield+9. E Blade sb for 2kk on global eu? xD That's funny I usually sell them for 500k in my server (anthor) upgrade items to improve helmet, brs are expensive because of white pearl and those finger bones.

      True, some guilds are created for the purpose of helping each other out, if you have that type of group of guild in global eu then join them, for me guilds get boring time to time , i even get bored of the ones i create and disband them eventually or pass them on to one of my noob characters :D.

      Lastly what you need to do to wear aura plate armor+9, you need alot of devil, arrow resistance and level up at grotto to reach level 90 and to make that blue armor+9 is a pain in the you know.. quartz sand is the most expensive thing in my server they sell 30kk each.. most importantly to make level 90 you must work on your skills having P buffs for weaponry sura will be best for lvling in g2.

      So basically use yang to buy skill boooks, soul stones to make P, then secondly spend on devil gear like ee+9 20 devil 15 arrow res, htn+9 preferably or any other neck with hp and 15 arrow, leather boots+9 with hp or quilin with hp, 15 arrow, 5 blackout is best for g2, and armor with 15 arrow, 10% abs to HP, and decent hp, helmet with 20 devil, and a good poison sword 40% avg+, immune 20 devil lvl 61 shield+9 or 81 shield+9 all this will make you level 90 and lastly make a good buffer with good P buffs.

      Hope this info helps :>
    • Well well.. If vit is really useless for a wp sura. Maybe at the start it is necessary for lower levels who don't have much great items. But when you level up to 70 the master chest I remember you can get that scroll that allows you to reset stats and the description says "to allow you to strengthen your character to a certain direction" so therefore if people don't want to work on VIT anymore they can use that scroll and alter it to their personal preference ;)
      Btw you can't max all four of those attributes you stop getting more points when you reach level 90

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    • Ah okay thanks for all the tips, i'll be reading all my skillbooks everyday. I have used like 15 fear bof's without any succes unfortunately :dash: (i honestly think i've used all the fear bof's of the server xD) will leave vit as it is now.
      I'm farming metins on a lower lvl hunter (15). It's difficult to find any good equips right now, a lot of friends told me i need to buy more HP because it's very valuable for a weapon sura but i can't find any good items on the market. Yesterday there were a couple hp items but the prices were like 250kk+ for HP and some random bonusses. :(
      I've bought a couple HT earrings and bracelet clean +4 for DT runs, hoping to get both +7 with some luck and hopefully we'll get an event to enchant some items with bonusses soon.