Weapon Skin+ Changes

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    • Weapon Skin+ Changes

      Dear players,

      with the update to version 17.6 the possible bonuses for the Weapon Skins+ have been changed as follows:

      Maximum HP5002000
      Maximum SP1080
      Attack speed18
      Movement speed220
      Casting speed220
      Chance to poison18
      Chance to stun18
      Chance to slow18
      Chance to hit critical110
      Chance of a penetratinghit110
      Strong against Half Humans110
      Attack against animals220
      Attack against Orcs220
      Strong against Esoterics220
      Attack against Undead220
      Strong against Devils220
      Chance to avoid Arrows215
      Sword resistance215
      Twohand resistance215
      Dagger resistance215
      Bell resistance215
      Fan resistance215
      Bow resitance
      Chance to gain doubleexperience220
      Chance to drop thedouble amount of Yang220
      Bleeding attack18
      Claw Defence215

      Your Metin2 team