Merge of NL and DK server

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    • Merge of NL and DK server

      Dear Metin2 team and Metin2 players,

      Im from the NL (dutch server) and I came to play here in the UK server SOL.
      I hear lots of people talk about a possible merge between NL and DK server with the Sol (UK) server, but the last thing I can find about a merge is from 28th september 2017 (and that was about a different merge).
      Because I would totally love it if this merge would take place, I would like to know if anyone (including the Metin2 team) can give an update if it comes to the merge between these servers?

      I would love to hear more about this!

    • Ive been on gameforge servers for about 3 years ish (I've transferred about 2-3 times), When I came on anthor it has been there for like approx 3 years ive been on that server, and it was just a low populated server then during 2017 on the US forums we were announced a merge that everyone was excited about cause we all thought we were merging with sol so we all have a better gameplay with many other players , nek minute anthor was simply just tossed on the EN client. Well just wanna put out there from my perspective, I'm still waiting for a better anthor =)