Change Log 17.6

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    • Change Log 17.6

      • Exciting Hunting Event
        • Let those bells ring out when you beat the ferocious boss Baashido around the head in the exciting Monster Bash Event. Earn powerful buffs or a Baby Baashido as your loyal pet from 20th December.

        • Mystical Outfits
          • Take your place at the round table with the mysterious Avalon Armour and matching helmet in the shop, and confront your enemies with powerful bonuses.

          • Saving the Day
            • Rescue dogs go through rigorous training to ensure they can carry out their duties unperturbed. No matter how tricky the situation gets, Bernie or Blue Barry will be there in a flash, ready to whisk you away from danger and provide succour with some powerful bonuses!

            • Winter Companions
              • Our new penguin pets are true arctistocrats. Send your enemies back to the ice age when you march onto the battlefield followed by one of these cute waddling penguins, who support you with some ice-cold bonuses.

              • New Set Bonuses
                • Avalon Helmet, Avalon Armour, Ring of Joy and penguin pet – the more complete your outfit, the greater your bonus.

                • Christmas Decorations
                  • The villages are decked out in full festive glory with Christmas banners.

                • Okey Event: The Okey Chests have been filled with new items.
                • Login: Via our freshly reworked login page, we can more easily offer you the most appropriate server and channel.
                • Item drops: Players above level 105 will now only be able to drop items within 15 levels above/below their own.
                • Shaman buffs: Shamans can also buff players who aren’t in their own group, as long as they are from the same kingdom and have been marked by the player.
                • Fishing Jigsaw: Special items can no longer be combined.

                Bug Fixes
                • Players now also receive a message when a ‘Reinforce Item’ attempt fails.
                • The names and descriptions of lollies from the Gaya market have been changed to avoid confusion with the lollies from the item shop.
                • It is no longer possible to enter the Combat Zone while mounted.
                • Fixed an issue which caused negative stats to be displayed in the character window under certain circumstances.
                • Fixed an issue which caused the client to crash if entering Meley’s Lair while snowfall was active.
                • Fixed an issue which caused key presses to carry out actions in the game while typing a message in the guild window.
                • Prices for selling items to the NPC have been adjusted. Previously these could vary depending on class, or no price was displayed.
                • The Appaloosa Snack item can now also be sold to the NPC.

                AE Fixes
                • The radar buttons have been fixed and now appear arranged correctly.
                • Fixed an error which prevented camera rotation in certain locations.