Pro High LVL Ebony Earrings +9

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    • Pro High LVL Ebony Earrings +9

      Hello everyone,

      I am trying to sell my EE +9 with:
      15% Arrow Defence
      20% Devil
      10% Undead
      10% Orcs
      10% Animals
      (+3 slots filled with ebony)

      I am looking for the follow items:
      EE+9 with just 10/15% arrow defence
      IH+9 with 5x trash bonus or 10/15% arrow
      Wild Boar Seal (10 day + Left)

      You can also give one of these items + yang as an offer.

      Only Yang offers from 500kk (5won) and up.

      PM me ingame or react here.

      ItsKevOMG - Jinno