Metin2 Christmas Event

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    • Metin2 Christmas Event

      Dear players,

      The sweet smell of mince pies, the sound of chestnuts roasting on an open fire – we’re winding up to some serious Christmas celebrations.

      Dive into a festively decorated adventure starting 30th November 2017.

      Here’s what winter has in store:

      1. Okey Event
      The popular okey card game returns from 30th November. Hunt down monsters, loot their okey cards and put together a winning set. Eager beavers can also get their hands on okey card sets available in the item shop.
      You can find a detailed guide to the game in the FAQ.

      2. Soul and Monster Bash Event
      Two brand-new events to keep this Christmas fresh:
      • From 6th December: During the Soul Event, the NPC Ah-Yu will reward you for your help with a valuable case. The Celestial and Oneiric Souls contained within will grant your character unimagined powers!
      • From 20th December: Let those bells ring out when you beat the boss Baashido around the head in the Monster Bash Event! Amongst other rewards, you can earn powerful buffs or even a pet egg containing a Baby Baashido.

      3. Epic Costumes, Mounts and Pets in the Shop
      • Take your place at the round table with the glimmering Avalon Armour in the shop, and confront your enemies with powerful bonuses!
      • Stay safe out there in the snow with a rescue dog mount or an arctistocratic penguin pet.
      • Helmet, armour, Ring of Joy and penguin pet – the more complete your outfit, the greater your bonus.

      4. Christmas Tombola, Wheel of Destiny and Fireworks
      • From 30th November: Great prizes are waiting to be won in the Tombola and Wheel of Destiny. Plus you can celebrate New Year’s in style with fabulous fireworks available for purchase from the event helper starting 29th December.

      All event rewards can be redeemed until 15th January 2018.

      Wishing you a wonderful festive season,
      The Metin2 Team
    • Defeat monsters to earn cards. As soon as you've collected and stacked together 24 Okey Cards, you'll automatically receive an Okey Card Set and can play a game. The aim of the game is to make combinations of sets and runs.

      A set consists of three cards with the same number (e.g. 7, 7, 7). The lower the number on the cards, the fewer points you'll earn for the set.

      A run consists of at least three consecutive cards (e.g. 6, 7, 8). The lower the number on the cards, the fewer points you'll earn for the set. Runs in the same colour will earn more points than multicoloured runs.

      Game Instructions
      1. Left-click on the deck to reveal the first 5 cards.
      2. Earn points by selecting 3 cards. (NOTE: Left-click = select card, right-click = permanently discard card)
      3. The more points you earn by the end of the game, the better your prize.

      1) You can pause your game at any time by pressing ESC. Changing map or teleporting will end the current game!
      2) Once discarded, cards cannot be restored, so think carefully before deciding!
      3) Cancelled games will NOT be refunded! Choose where you want to play your game wisely.
    • Xmas Side events

      01.12.2017 75% EXP - 24 hours
      03.12.2017 Yellow Ebony Boxes - (24 hours)
      06.12.2017 Crimson Ebony Boxes - (6 hours)
      09.12.2017 Item Drop 15% - (8 hours) & 75% EXP - (12 hours)
      10.12.2017 Concentrated reading - (8 hours) & Hex Box - (6 hours)
      14.12.2017 Compass - (12 hours)
      16.12.2017 25% EXP - 48 hours & Light Green Ebony Boxes - 4 hours)
      18.12.2017 Mulled Wine - (10 hours)
      20.12.2017 Tiger - (4 hours) & White Lion - (4 hours)
      22.12.2017 Christmas Fire Cracker - (12 hours)
      23.12.2017 Normal Moonlight - (4 hours)
      24.12.2017 100% EXP - (12 hours)
      25.12.2017 Crimson Ebony Boxes - (6 hours)
      26.12.2017 Concentrated reading - (8 hours)
      29.12.2017 Normal Moonlight - (4 hours)
      31.12.2017 Researcher's Elixix - (8 hours)
      01.01.2018 Reindeer M - (6 hours) & Reindeer F - (6 hours)
      03.01.2018 Sphere Parchment - (12 hours)
      06.01.2018 Clam - (6 hours)
      07.01 .2018 Item Drop 15% - (8 hours) & Compass - (8 hours)

    • Dear players,

      as promised we are launching a brand new event for you, to make your souls more powerful during the holiday season!

      The event will start on Wednesday 06.12.2017 14:00 CET and it will end on Tuesday 19.12.2017 14:00 CET.
      Read below to see what the NPC Ah-Yu prepared for you:

      Display Spoiler

      Soul System

      Who said soldiers don’t need a soul? During this event you can pick up two powerful souls for your character!

      Here’s how it works:

      The Soul System Event begins with the quest ‘Ah-Yu’s Plea’. Characters can accept this quest from level 30.

      • Come to the NPC Ah-Yu’s aid and you will be rewarded with a valuable Soul Case.
      • Inside the case you will find both a red Oneiric Soul and a blue Celestial Soul.
        • Unopened cases will disappear from your inventory after 24 hours.
        • In order to open the case and retrieve the souls, you’ll need two free slots in your inventory.
      • The souls have a duration of 24 hours and provide the following effects:
        • Oneiric Soul: Increases attack damage
        • Celestial Soul: Increases skill damage
        • The effects only apply in PvE, not in PvP or while you are transformed.
      • A soul’s effect can be activated as soon as the playing time displayed in the tooltip has been reached.
      • Both souls can be activated at the same time. The souls swirl around you as spheres when active.
      • Each soul has a fixed number of attacks which is displayed in the tooltip.
        • The Oneiric Soul applies to each attack on your opponents.
        • The Celestial Soul applies to each skill cast on your opponents.
      • You can upgrade the level of your souls, thereby improving them. This requires the following item from the itemshop:
        • Soul Parchment – Develops your soul by up to two levels. This process may fail.
        • The following levels can be reached:
          • Gleaming Soul (playing time: 1 hour / duration: 1 day)
          • Lustrous Soul (playing time: 2 hours / duration: 2 days)
          • Prismatic Soul (playing time: 3 hours / duration: 3 days)
          • Illumined Soul (playing time: 3 hours / duration: 7 days)
      • Levelling up your soul:
        • increases its effect
        • refreshes its duration
        • resets the number of attacks
      • Should an attempt to improve your soul fail, it will keep its existing level, duration and number of attacks.
      • The souls are not permanent. Once the maximum level has been reached, the duration cannot be extended any further.[/spoiler]