The new update and the future of metin2

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    • The new update and the future of metin2

      i have some ideas that might help the game, and get people who is thinking to quit to reconsider their desition. ( PLEASE READ THE WHOLE POST BEFORE YOU REPLY)

      First is : as the community and maybe the staff have noticed alot of good players is quiting since they saw the new update, why? cuz it havent been a long time ago since they released the 115 armours and the new stuff and now when they barely have made them they are releasing even more items, that way players dont want to start again on making items and change their gears,
      a solution that might just might work on making players who wants to quit reconsider their desition, is that gameforge makes an event that contains prices like changers , adders and handbooks like the fishing jigsaw event, that way players might think ok so after all there is a way we can make these new items without paying huge loads of money,

      second is : there have been alot of changes on the new update some are good and some are bad depending on who you ask, but something that majority of the players agrees on that is bad is the change on the shamans dragons aid skill.
      before i continue just to let you know im NOT a shaman player, but with this change most pvm people will basicaly give up as the crit they get from the buff is a huge help and without it most runs is not possible, sure you might say that there is new pvm weapons getting released with higher attack value to rebalance that loss of crit well true but its still not a 100% rebalance that crit pvm players loose is a huge nerf.

      the solution for that is basicaly to restore the dragons aid skill as it was before or maybe make the effect lower only against other players (on pvp)

      that concludes my post and just so everyone knows im only doing this to save the servers from deing
    • This is a discusion for the beta forum, this is not the place for this

      The cut on dragon aid is from 50-55 to 18-19

      this has been discussed to exaustion, and will not change, nevertheless, beta forum is the place for this discussion and for your suggestion, as it is there that this is being handled

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