So we're all waiting because of the merger... how are y'all?

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    • this "we're not here to accomodate you " attitude is the problem with this game: the fact that the admins don't care about players. because the rest of the issues can be tverseen, but this one is very shocking.

      And I said friday or saturday. Any day of the week , which is the best for you. But the idea is to do it when few ppl are playing.
    • this has to be done during working hours

      if that isn't obvious to you, i don't know how to explain it

      if you can't grasp how selfish you are when you expect people to work overtime at dawn to not upset your gaming schedule, i don't know how to explain either

      Or actually i do, but i'm not even going to bother, the mentality that things have to be done, no matter the cost, no matter who it bothers, as long as it doesn't bother you is just selfish

      You don't care if people have to work during the night, you don't care if people that play at 3am are affected, you just care that this has to be done in a way that it doesn't bother you and nothing else

      There's only one word to describe that, and that's selfish

      And indeed, nobody is here to accomodate you in particular, nobody is here to catter to your individual needs and requests, nobody is here to check what is your playing schedule to do maintenances at a time that suits your highness needs

      And by the way, expect this to last a couple more hours at least

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    • But the staff that is responsable for it, to try to accomodate most of the people, should check the time during most of the players play and when they are not playing to make the mantainence or the merge.

      That would be the best option to accomodate everyone or the least the majority of the players.
    • I like skilgannon and i agree with his comment :P Thing is the maintenance merge will take 2-3 more extra hours because the sysadmins were occupied with polish and turkish servers being broken after their maintenance. I will keep you updated once it is done.

      PS: iHack HS, ive read your mails,ill reply to you via a conversation here.
    • "What are the customer's needs? What does he want?"
      two questins that any quality manufacturer asks before delivering a product.

      Some things we, the metin2 players, need, you delivered. Good job. But for others you don't deliver because u don't want, not because you can't, its because you don't want.

      Is it selfish to ask making operatins that require the server to be down during the day, when most ppl are up and they can and want to play?

      of course that maintenance will require the server to be down. But do it at 3 am when few ppl are playing. of course someone will be affected by maintenance, but it is better to have the least ppl possible to be afected, thus, do the maintenance at 3 am when few ppl are playing. Not at 14 cet.

      I am aware that my individual needs don't matter, but the decisoion making of the ppl who are in charge is very unprofessional. that is my biggest concern.

      I work as a software developer at a firm that creates and maintains e-shops. We've had not a custmer leave because we listened to their needs and we've adapted our wrking schedules to fulfil their needs.

      Something has to be done by your upper management so that your employees do not work overtime and fulfil the customer needs. It is definetly possible to achieve that by improving your decision making.
    • I think our decision making is pretty ok in the matter at hand. It is a maintenance + merge. Standard working hours in germany are 8:00-20:00. In gameforge core hours are until 16:00 - 17:00. That means that in order to communicate with other companies we cooperate with those hours are the best suited for us. In the end i understand it is a slight inconvenience for players, but at the same time we are missing a lot of things while this is happening :)

      PS: gameforge employee saved your life and opened the 3 servers under uk client :) Us server hasnt been merged yet to us.