Auto hunt premium

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    • Auto hunt premium

      Problem 1:
      the player stand at the periphery of the focus and some mobs attack him from outside his focus fighting zone
      Suggested solution 1:
      when the player kills all mobs in the focus zone he should return automatically to the start point of auto hunting again and don't stand at the periphery waiting to be killed

      Problem 2:
      when the player dies he restart in city and autohunt stops and we loose time
      Suggested solution 2:
      auto restart here option button activated by on and deavtivated by off
    • Well I believe that autohunt was one of the best updates in game especially after removal of boss leveling in g2 ... also it is so nice in dt runs ... and it is fantastic in catacomb for yang making after loosing alot of players we cant earn good yangs from our shops... for players health it decreases the tension of clicking on mouse and keyboard which may lead to hand tremors after long time of playing ... for social life it allows me to talk to my family while playing my favorite game ... it is available in game so why don't we make good use of it??? just few tweaks and it would be perfect.