Thought about metin2 international fusion

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    • How To SAVE GLOBAL ?

      Hallo Guys,

      I have Simpl plan, how to save Server Global EU New.
      Lot of people leave this server and me and lot of other people dont know why, i know 2 month ago was a holyday i understand lot of people have works and other stuff .

      BUT ? WE CAN FIX IT ohhh not Players BUT MT2 TEAM """

      For Examplle one of simple things then can made is = unification both new server like EU and US its will be greate and lot of people be ready to fight on new server with maby new name :)

      I hope some of GM go on this poste and tell this massege to the otther person in team :)

      Finaly Sorry for my English :) but i hope everyone with low knowledge level of this language understand me :)

      Examplle // Player of metin2 Global "EU" "New"
    • My thoughts on the future of the Global server

      Hello guys, ^^

      I have come to notice fewer and fewer people are playing on Global EU, which is a shame. :thumbdown:
      There have been some posts with people explaining what they think can be done to increase the number of players
      So here is what I think is the best option for this problem;

      I believe the mistake GF has made is to not let the global server have multi language support, while also releasing new servers on e.g. the german and turkish client.
      Lots of people started on global with the idea that players from all countries could play together on one server.
      At this point in time however, The people playing on global are mostly from Countries where there was no new server released.
      I think they left because of the new servers in their own country, which do support the client in their own language(duhh)

      I Hope that Gameforce will try to do the following:
      Merge all the servers that were released at the same time( like corvinia) as well as the Global EU and US servers into one GLOBAL server, that has a multi language client. (With english in chat ofcourse)
      I can understand that this might be a huge challenge, but I think many people would enjoy it.

    • I agree with Struuke and I want to add my suggestion it may be insane but it is my dream ...
      1- server merge with all metin2 gameforge servers
      2- increase the number of channels to accomodate the number of players world wide
      3- clients remains in local language like English french spanish Arabic etc...
      4- call chats pass through google translate to appear in english in the 15seconds break
      5- support teams serve their respective client language
    • Guys everything sounds good but....

      Gf never make server like this with more then one language becouse all off other server Will be going to die . I start this post about this server with english language And btw english Is world language So Its simple but the strategy that i say " unification the global EU And US maby + Sol Its more realistic then new server with more language ;)
    • Server fusion

      Hello metin2 team

      i wanted to ask if you can fusion the US server with EU.
      There are no shops in the hole server not in jinno not in chunjo and shinsoo... its annoing because im still walking with a +4-6 equipment and i am lvl 79. I cant level myself up in grotto with my lvl 75 shaman i am too low in pvm and i cant do nothing with my ingame money because there are NO shops and of course no players..
      Fact is if there will be a fusion me and my friend DavidWhite (lvl 77) can buy stuffs from other players and just have fun like in the start of Global US.

    • Merging Infos for GF

      Dear Gameforge,

      I'm playing on Global EU and thought to myself ''Wow, this Server is about to die''. So I logged into the US Server Anthor, into Sol and into Global US and thought ''Wow, nevermind, Anthor and Global US are Ghosttowns''. After I asked a few Players on the different Servers (I really had to search a few mins to even find one!) I knew that Channel 1 is the Main Channel, and Jinno is the Main Trading Area.

      I asked them if they wouldn't mind a Servermerge with all the other Servers on UK Client, and some of them said ''Please! I'm playing here for such a long time and i'm about to quit, I really can't play all on my own, without selling something''.

      Please, log into the different Servers compare the Marketprices (Pick 4-5Items and compare the prices) and u'll see the prices are nearly the same.

      In the Gameforge-Interview they said they probably won't merge the Global Servers soon, but since you recorded this Interview and now, Time has passed and something must happen.

      Please consider about merging the UK-Client-Servers.

      I'msorry for my 1st grade english.
    • Future of Global EU and Murge

      Like ever Player know Global is since the new Turky Server losing aktive Players.

      Before it loses ever one.

      I have writed with a lot of Player and the most would prefer to get Murge with Sol as no one this Year or somthing in future what takes around 5 Months.

      I opend this Thread to read what the Player prefer of Sol and Global EU.

      I like to play on Global EU but its rly sad to see what happend to this Server.
    • when you will understand Gameforge give a piece of Sh*t what we want, sure all 4 servers is empty but merge costs money and they sure dont use it for a complete merge in the next time.

      try it 2k18 again with your ideas, because this "mods" here will close it soon.

      take a break play other games and come back and have fun @ events (so 2-3 times in year) because the UK mods here are 2-3 times online ingame in one year seems so.

      BTW: We so hyped for mining events please do it again! (no better not.)
    • Cost Money .

      A Merge is not more as some 1-5k Euro.

      At all GF prefer emtpy Server because empty Server takes not the most expensiv Root Server.

      I think Global EU is runing on a 500 Euro per Month System right now.

      When Global was full they needed a expensiv Server around 2k Costs. That is the main reason because GF dont want Full Server.

      If you watch other lands like Turky and German they had before 8 Years +25 Servers and at all 90% was after some Month Empty.

      GF is some things dumb. a. , they done realise a Full Server takes more Player in and with more Player they have more Fun.

      I will stop playing Global after all Merges are done and with Global happend nothing.
      At all i like Player vs Player and if i watch the ranking nothing changed since 3 Months.
      When i watch German Server Corvinina with +120 Player over LvL 100 its a huge differnce.

      I am littel mad to because a lot of Germans started playing on Global and just happend nothing. We are watching Corvinia with ever Day PvP and high lvl Player its sad.

      Like at beginning i said . After all Merges are done and to Global happend nothing me and a lot of other Player are stopping Playing, its not more Fun.
    • Gameforge will never fusion Old with New server there is a too big difference between both. ( Alchemy, Biologist, stuff and others ) So there is only 1 solution : Fusion Global EU with an another New serv. but the problem is all the new server except US are already full. Of course a fusion between Sol and Global EU can be nice but i don't think they will make it. Maybe we can have a fusion later if Corvinia or Turkish new serv lose players but actually i think GF has no solution.
      ( Sorry for my bad english )
    • Corvinia will never been Merged with Global because ever High LvLe Player on Corvinia waits that the New Server gets opend and they can get there EQ to there Main Characters.

      The Secound Point. There is not a big differnce between Sol and Global , like i saw some player are done with the PvM Content on Global.

      And at least if all Player wants a Merge , GF have to say nothing because all Player accept the differnce between there Yang and Market.

      Some other Point is that GF is slow. They said so many times Webzen is slow to change the things.

      But if they want to open a new Server for $$$ it takes some Minutes.

      Like i know some Player spent a lot of Money at the Serverstart to keep this Server for Years alive but they will leave it. If they dont change some Part.

      Whats about the Multi Langues Projekt ? Is there any progress ? Any realase Date ?

      Turkis Player cant read English.

      GF dont know what the have to do. They just watch the Final thing in 1-2 Years but they dont know the Steps to get to it.

      Why the hell is 17.4 / 17.5 coming Live when there are some other things that are more Important.

      Offline Shops System like they said in the Interview ??? Is this not a Important thing ? Because Global have a lot of Player from differnce Time Zones.

      Multi langues System ?

      Event Table ingame ? For checking ingame Aktive Events or some sh. like that.

      Getting 100 Pns when start Mount Dropping . and other things. Are the Events Aktiv.

      Some Tutorial for Low LvL Player that never Played this game or just before 20 Years. They are farming some Items that i never seen in my whole Metin2 Life on German Server

      I am rly sry but GF made me mad in the last 3 Months.
    • ENORMO i agree with GF that some Items lose WORTH with ever Update.

      That is the normal Content.

      But at all i thinked with the Global Start it would change some things.

      At now all Germans are mad that they started to play Global , i think same as France . Like i saw the server are full now
    • server merging

      So i started Sol not a long time ago.Metin is still fun even tho the population is down.I was wondering if theres gonna be a merge between some servers cause i heard from some previous posts that "Global EU" is full of people and "Sol" an OG server is not.Should we excpect something about it(I am not talking about a merge with the global eu i understand its not really fair but sol with so many few people unfair too).