Winter is here - Okey SE, the Summer Edition!

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    • Winter is here - Okey SE, the Summer Edition!

      Dear players,

      Is the sun relentlessly burning your head and are you longing for a T-shirt wringing cool-down? Then we've got just what you need:

      From 14/8 till 31/8 we're launching Okey SE, the Summer Edition of the popular card game event

      and providing a refreshing breeze in the summer heat with some cool prizes!

      Here's how it works:

      ● Hunt down monsters and collect Okey cards.
      ● Once you have stacked 24 cards, you will automatically receive the Okey Card Set.
      ● You can use this set to play the Okey SE mini-game.

      The aim of the game is to create a combination of groups and series:

      ● A group consists of three cards with the same value (e.g. 7, 7, 7). The lower the cards' values, the fewer points you receive for it.

      ● A series consists of at least three cards with consecutive numbers (e.g. 6, 7, 8). The lower the cards' values, the fewer points you receive for it. Series of the same colour earn you more points than runs of several colours.

      Game instructions

      ● Left-click on the deck to uncover the first 5 cards.
      ● Earn points by selecting 3 cards. (NOTE: Left-click = select card, right-click = permanently discard card)
      ● The more points you have earned by the end of the game, the bigger your prize.


      ● You can interrupt your game at any time by pressing the "ESC" or "X" key. Changing map or teleporting will end the current game!
      ● A discarded card cannot be restored, so decide wisely!
      ● A cancelled game will NOT be refunded! Decide whether the location of the game is right in advance.

      Start the mini-game by clicking on the Okey card icon next to the minimap.

      The "Metin2 Okey Card Game" window opens. Here, the "Secure Mode" is activated.

      When this option is activated, you must confirm each time if you want to permanently discard a card. With this function, you can ensure that you do not accidentally discard the wrong card. You can turn this option off, but it is at your own risk.

      Before starting the game, make sure you have 30,000 Yang and 1 card set in your inventory.

      After confirming, the mini-game window opens. Click on your deck to receive the first five cards. Now you can either take 3 of them, or you can remove cards and draw new ones from the set.

      Once you have made a group or series (see above) with 3 cards, this is shown as a success and you are awarded points. Your total score at the end of the game decides your reward.

      Try to beat the highscore! Thus, each participant has the chance to win more chests. The current highscore can be seen on the Okey Table and on the Metin2 website. The prizes for achieving the highscore can be collected at the end of the event.
      You can also view the contents of the Okey chests via the Okey Table, which remains available until 7 days after the end of the event.
      Please note: Any rewards which have not been claimed after the end of the event (i.e. by the end of the 7-day period during which the Okey Table remains available) will expire irretrievably and cannot be refunded!

      We hope you have lots of fun with the Okey SE event and keep a cool head!

      The Metin2 Team