Client crash solution

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  • Client crash solution

    Hi there!

    So, as I started playing on Sol server, I was happy that new useful things were implemented in order to help low level players, such as: weapons, mount, potions etc. The weapons amd the potions are good, do not cause any damage to the player, but the 10 level mount(the one provided from the level 10 chest) causes the most crashes.
    In my personal experience, everytime I used that mount, the game was going to crash. There was no exception.

    I suggest solving up the situation, if possible, or at least inform the new players that the probable cause of client crashing is the usage of the mount.

    P.S.: I was so angry that I once decided to stop playing on the server, but somehow I figured out which was the problem and stopped using it.

    Looking forward to your actions! :thumbsup:
  • not only there are plenty of threads about this already, obviously the bug has already been reported to the developer and we are waiting for a fix

    as additional information, the crashes are related to the mount, and apparently start only after you teleport/change map/change channel/log in with the mount



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