Client Closing Auto. without any Error Message

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    • Client Closing Auto. without any Error Message


      Sine about 1-2 weeks, I got the problem, my Client just closing.
      Without any Error Message.
      I heard about, that the new Mount/ from the lvl 10 Chest is the problem, but im aleady 75 and not got this.
      I also heard, the movement speed is the problem. I tested it. Without any movement speed or something, its still crashing.
      I write this Thread here, cause its not only me! Many Players got the problem! Everyday, Ingame - Callchat, other Players ask the same, why there clients crashing without any error message. I cant play! I just stay map1 and doing like nothing. Thats not really playing this game. Hope u try something to fix this!

      Sincerly Struggle
    • Well, the old players learn complaining its waste of time, probably thats why u can't see many complaining here :). Of course happened to me and many others. Sometimes a have to login 4-5 times. Ticket system its not really working, i reported 8 years ago about the Demon Fan its sitting next to Shaman hand, NOt on the hand but even now its the same. I reported from the early age of Lycans, Lycan CANNOT use polymorph marbles, the damage its lower than without. And all reports via ticket system...