Account block?

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    • Account block?

      So... I was fishing the whole monday.... (because of this really nice event). At tuesday around 16:00 i got kicked out of my main. (Playing with 2 windows opened - like everybody does).

      It was a bit unexpected, I haven´t been kicked in a while because the servers seem to work fine.

      I tried to relogg: "This account has been blocked."

      Me: "WTF?" =O

      Just a few seconds later, the same thing happend to my buff (I was fishing with both).

      Using a lot of itemshop - compared to this low lvl i got. I´m playing on global since a week or something.

      After all: There is no reason for a ban.

      And yes, I already started a ticket, but I got no response and the event is running of... losing chances, time and fun.

      Definitely not gonna start a new char. The game will be unbalanced as hell because of this event. And as a newbie with nothing... no chance.

      I hope this is gonna be fixed soon.

    • Dont be just patient, also write a ticket.
      All the support tickets have to be checked manually, and as far as i know there are a ton of support tickets to be checked. Also the turkish community manager pointed out that it could take a while till everyone is unbanned simply because there are so many support tickets while there r only a few support members.

      Additional Infos can be found here if u speak/understand german…ostID=2837218#post2837218