Question about horses and mounts

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    • Question about horses and mounts


      I used to play metin 3+ years ago and back then I would give the stable boy horse medals to do horse missions to level up my mount. Now if I speak to the stable boy with a HM in my inventory he doesn't give me the option to do horse missions. How am I supposed to level up my horse otherwise?

      Also, If I buy a a wolf certificate from the item shop as a level 33 will I be able to ride it straight away and will it be a permanent mount or does it have a set duration.

    • You have certain levels where you can train your horse. For example you have to be level 35+ to do horse mission level 10 > 11. Also sit on your horse before asking a quest.

      Certificates can be traded for seals. You will be asked what bonus you would like. You can do this on any level. However, to improve the seal/mount you have again certain levels, but this time horse levels. Young: All levels, Wild: horse level 11+, Valian: horse level 21.

      So yes you will be able to ride it. It won't be a permanent mount. It has a default 7 day duration. You can extend it by using Power Snacks, also from Itemshop.
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