Max HP, shaman in Pvm

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    • Max HP, shaman in Pvm

      Can anyone tell me how much hp you can have? I have like 17 k, with maximum points on Vit, all items having 2k HP, but without alchemy, pet etc. How do I get to have like 30 k HP?
      Also, is it hard for a dragon shaman to level alone from lvl 75 to 95 in the Grotto? I have around 70 strong against devil bonus and 50 arrow resistance, finished the lvl 60 biologist quest.
    • queenbee wrote:

      ..but without alchemy, pet etc.
      :) Alchemy and Pets will be a big difference, same as Lvl 105 Armour.
      As a Shaman, you shouldn't compare with other classes. You WILL take longer and it WILL be a bit harder. You can use Polymorph Marbles if your damage is too low or use White Dew for more Deff. Just try out in Grotto1 and 2 and level up in the one you're most comfortable with. You should get yourself maybe a Pet -> Whelp and a Monkey/Razador/Nemere. It'll help you alot! And high Lightning Resistance & HP Absorb & Block Chance will help aswell.