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      Hello. This is enough. I almost can't get to the Blacksmith or Shop woman. There is like 60 shops 30cm from each other!!! Whoever comes to Metin has to think: Have you all gone full ret...rd? What is this? Regulations concept: To make areas where shops can be opened in town, the areas will have limited numbers of shops. It can be arranged like marketplace and maybe it should be taxed. Like 10k for one day shop. This will remove shops with almost no value in it. There is plenty of place in town. Shopping zones can be made for like 60-200 shops in just one zone. They would not be able to get attacked. You will not have possibility to make shop anywhere else in the town, just in shopping zones. What you think?

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    • Your stupid game does not even work (i got 4 crashes with even no error window in one HOUR yesterday, not my fault) , the quest does not work, it says: RESET instead of normally functioning, so I had to abandon. You were not able since 2004 to edit Berserk anim on woman to be correct. Yesterday ,there were so many shops in there, it lagged so hard that I barely moved. And you, you are making fun of me/ insulting, while I am one who is willing to help you with it for FREE, writing full ARTICLE of solutions. That sums up what rank of an admin you are.