Free weapons for young heroes - level 60

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    • Free weapons for young heroes - level 60

      Hi, I'm Hyleia, a lvl 60 dragon shaman from the yellow kingdom of global new.

      I didn't get the quest for my new free weapon, guess it happens to many people as I was directly told to contact the support.

      The problem is, how long do you want me to stay offline now. I've read that it often cannot be fixed while the player is offline, but I have to keep up with others aswell? I lost like my last day of xpring (gon buy a new anyways but still) and stuff like that while waiting for the support but if its gonna take a week i'll just keep on playing withot the 60 weapon.

      I know you have lots of things to do, as many people probably send in tickets for more important reasons, still I'd like to get an answer as I'm a paying customer :D

    • I am very sorry that I wasted your time, I play Metin2 over Steam and sent the ticket over steam and I do not really know where to receive the answer on my ticket :D

      Shall I send another ticket and not login like after maintainance tomorrow?

      Thank you for your quick answer here on board and the even quicker answer on the ticket, even tho I can't read it :)
    • you log in support the way you sent the ticket and check ticket history

      even better, log in and add an email to your support accoutn, and then you will receive emails when the tickets are answered

      and btw, i just confirmed and the quest is fixed, you must have the scroll there

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