Steam, new servers and the road ahead

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    • Steam, new servers and the road ahead

      Dear players,

      Last week we launched Metin2 on Steam and we’ve been overwhelmed by just how many of you are joining the game, returning to it, or just willing to have a fresh start. So far more than 160,000 people have started playing Metin2 via Steam, and all I can say to that is “Wow!”

      Nevertheless, we wanted to address some of the concerns which a number of people have voiced. Unfortunately, there was some miscommunication during our release plan, and certain points were misinterpreted, in particular the idea of launching a dedicated Steam-only server. This was not initially part of our plan, however since this wish has been requested by so many of you, we are currently evaluating the possibility of launching such a server. Please bear in mind that we have not come to a decision yet, but we will provide you with further information as soon as possible.

      Another issue raised was the lack of a multilingual client, which would provide the ability to play on an English server using the Turkish or Romanian client, for example. This issue is currently in discussion with Webzen and they are evaluating the option.

      At the moment we are working hard on the ability to link existing Metin2 accounts with Steam (and vice versa), and this should be available soon. After that, the next big project on our list is to overhaul the class balancing, which will follow later this year. We’re going to need all of your help and feedback in this regard, to make sure it is as successful as possible. We plan to launch a beta server for iterative testing and feedback, and will keep you informed as soon as this happens. Another major content update – the Zodiac Temple – is also planned for 2017, however at the community’s requests, the class balancing update will come first.

      I hope this clarifies some of your burning questions. If not, feel free to comment on the discussion thread and our Community Managers will try to answer you.

      Once again I’d like to thank everyone for all your support and patience!

      Best wishes,

      The Metin2 Team