Some items

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  • Send me a message here on forum if you would like to buy something,

    IG: Lavente (not much online)

    Selling these items:

    FMS+9, 35 avg, 20 undead, 8 str, 3 blackout- monster and death+4

    SB+9, 20 undead, 10 abs hp, 10 pierce, 3 hh, 4 fire

    LB+9, 1.5k hp, 5 crit, 3 blackout, 10 dagger, 6 claw

    IPA+9, 1k hp, 10 abs hp, 15 arrow, 15 bell, 6 magic- haste+4

    PENTA+9, 20 devils, 8 int, 5 hh, 6 orcs, 6 block

    EE+9 clean

    IH+9 clean

    Pearl bracelet+4, 1.5k hp

    Pearl necklace+3, 1.5k hp

    Jade shoes+0, 1.5k hp

    7 soul stones

    3 white pearls

    3 blue pearls

    2 red pearls

    5 blessing scrolls

    4 zen beans

    1 blue dragon bean

    1 green dragon bean

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    SB can go away for 250kk, see bonus above
    PENTA+9 8 INT 6 STR 6 undead 6 orcs 8 double yang for only 75kk
    sell white pearls 5kk each 3x
    soul stones 2kk each 5x
    jade shoes+0 1.5k hp 4kk
    IPA+9 can go away for 25kk, see bonus above
    2x red pearl 750 each
    3x blue pearl 800k each
    4x zen bean 500k each

    pm me before the stuff is gone, on Lavente in yellow or send me a message here on forum thx

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