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    • Global server about


      A server opened in the United Kingdom and named simply 'Global' can not be a global server.
      This is a joke, I suppose. It's pointless and ridiculous. The fact that the name is Global does not mean that this server is Global. And this server is not Global!

      As Turkish players we want a global server.
      No country will be connected to the server.
      We want an independent server and an independent Steam client. If this were the case, it would be a 'Global' server.

      It can not be a Global server in this way because it is only played in English and entered into the UK client and can be connected to this server in the trickster, bot and yang vendors.
      This 'Global' server is a normal country server for us.

      If connected to a country, cheaters, boats, yang sellers will be able to log into the server again by downloading the client on the web. We want a game without a pause, right?
      It must be a client downloaded via Steam. This client must be downloaded to the Global server. But 'Global' server should support 17 languages. The global server should not be connected anywhere else.

      Turkey connected to Turkish, Germany connected player German, France connected player French, Greece player must be able to play Greek.
      For example: There was a game called Orcs Must Die Unchained! which was previously released by Gameforge.
      This 'Global' server should be like this game, but this server should only be available on Steam.

      Thus, the cheaters, boats and yang sellers in the game can not log into this server. And all country players will be satisfied.

      Becomes a website in the form of
      By linking to this web site with Steam, we can easily handle our account transactions. The website will automatically recognize the IP address and automatically translate it to the corresponding language if it belongs to any country.

      The Turkish Community Manager understood us and we were very glad. We want you to understand us. And we want you to send it to the PD as a UK community.

      -You want an independent server that is not connected to any country client that all country players can enter. It is clear that you want to be a global server with all languages that can only be played on steam, not connected to any country server. You do not want to play the existing global server through the UK client. Because for you it is not a Global server of a normal country. You are wondering how to prevent boots and tricks. Because you think that it is not possible to block them on the server that can be connected even through the normal client. I hope I find out what you have written off.
      -CM Derindarbe Quote.-
    • RabbitRun wrote:

      A country can't decide what they want. I have seen it too damn much that you put yourself to number one.
      With time they realize what will happen. For now the servers are busy.

      You made me laugh. You are very funny. :D :thumbsup:

      Can a country choose what it wants?
      As Turkish players, we wanted the Ramadan event.
      Halloween, Christmas and Easter if activity is being done for, Muslims celebrating the religious festivals should be done in the event said.

      And since 2012, only events in Muslim countries have begun to be organized. Ramadan Events.
      Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. Since 2015, it has been held in all countries. In other countries, the name was announced as Summer Events.

      Views, requests and complaints from all country players are taken into account. We are both players and customers of this game. Without us, this game is nothing. No game without game.

      As a Turkish community, we communicate our complaints about the 'Global' server. Since this server is UK-connected, it's okay to forward this complaint from here.

      Every country can choose what they want, they may ask. And if appropriate, it is added to the game.

      Please, respect my wishes!
    • I thought people had learned by their time playing Metin2 with the community and its managers how poorly they run it and most of the time doesn't listen to the community. There has been only a few well-known instances were the community has been playing an active role in the upcoming changes to the game, such as the Beta for Level 120 cap and its content.

      This change came rather surprising on many as we havent had any say in the desicions, and of course I understand part of why this has happened with Steam coming in to make it a more visible game as their F2P section is rather much soughtafter.

      After reading what you wrote about certain aspects about this new update, I completely agree with some parts of it. But you really have to understand that the worlds GLOBAL language is English. So you shouldn't really expect it to be giving all the different languages that you want. Though I expect it to be implemented in the future. People might as well stay in their respective servers as they have worked so hard on those already, getting levels and items (spending dragon coins). These 2 global servers are for the new players and the players that still have the effort to farm and make it all over again. Another group of players would be the old players that quit and they might see this as an oppurtunity to return to the game. I honestly don't see that happening unless there is some changes to the game itself in terms of making it an actual free-to-play game and not so dependant on the Dragon Coins and lets be honest hardcore Pay2Win aspect.

      Best Regards
    • As a german player i totally agree.

      they should made a steam server! but they need to connect the uk accounts with steam because people wanna use the coins they bought!
      If a new server should be published we need :
      - clients in different languages but the chat language should be english!
      - NO ITEM DEPOT !!!!! ( old coins yes but no items to be fair )
      - PROMOTION 2 weeks before!
      - Not so many events! ( market will break... )

      I also wanna thank the support team! your work was amazing! i just waited 1-2 hours for help and thats very fast for the number of reports!!!