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      Hello everyone,

      I recently started playing again ( I made a post about it ) , I haven't really found the best method to make some yang right now.
      The alchemy seems like a good way but it's confusing me a bit.

      I got a lv. 78 wep sura with decent skills which I can farm on.

      Do some people have tips & tricks to earn some yang ? :)

      Thanks in advance!
      Sol: HyperQ - Lv. 54 Ninja Archer

      M5 Poison Arrow
      M6 Fire Arrow
      M6 Repetitive Shot

      Global : HyperNova - Lv. 51 Ninja Blade

      M4 Ambush
      M2 Rolling Dagger
    • Phazz wrote:

      and what if ppl dont have money for games? they cant earn yang?
      Even without the lucky coin + third hand, you get a lot of money from DSS farming, you must have 2 players in order to give every 8-9 shards to the second player and never stop. You can get even 90 DSS per hour or more/less depending on gear and luck.