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    i have read in my shaman more than 20 dragon aid sb to make it M2 still all fail same goes with blessing almost 15 sb to make it M2 also all fail and reflect the same this is not normal at all !! it is only M1 to M2 how can this happen i spend more than 6 kk only on dragon aid sb to make it M2 how can a new player live with this thing? if it was M10 to G i would say ok but not M1 to M2 they should put the succ rate from M1 to M2 higher than others
  • Everyone is having the same problem, someone made a thread couple months back talking about how skill book success rates have been significantly decreased and the community team members just said that we were wrong no one meddled with any success rates and that they are the same as they have always been...
    That the biggest BS i have heard before, why do you think they're selling concentrated readings for dragon coins, this has never happened before... this is basically forcing us players to spend money hence this game is pay to win
    Have a look at the thread for yourself:

    When this happens