Version 17.0 Update and 10th Anniversary

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    • Version 17.0 Update and 10th Anniversary

      Dear players,

      Version 17.0 is a big milestone – Metin2 is celebrating its 10th anniversary and you’re all invited to the party! Read more about all the exciting changes, improvements and bug fixes to your favourite game in our change log below:

      • 10 Years of Metin2
        • The three kingdoms are decked out in festive banners for the big anniversary, but monsters have been stealing the colourful Party Flags! Hunt them down and collect as many flags as you can get your hands on, then visit the NPC Cherie to collect a reward for your retrieved flags. Exchange flags for a slice of birthday cake and enjoy a 100% EXP bonus for 30 minutes. Had your fill of cake? Then collect more Party Flags and collect an exclusive Anniversary Coin.
      • For a Short Time Only: Shopping with the Anniversary Merchant
        • During the event a special Anniversary Merchant will be touring the lands. Go shopping with the Anniversary Coins you get from the event NPC Cherie (up to seven per day). Don’t miss out on a visit to the shop: there are plenty of great items in store, such as the well-stocked Anniversary Chest or the powerful Anniversary Sash!
      • Hide Decoration
        • If you’re more of a purist at heart and don’t have time for all these event-related decorative bells and whistles like the colourful flags in your kingdom, then simple use the ‘Hide - Decoration’ button in the game options to hide/show them again.
      • Festive Guild Banners
        • You can also purchase Anniversary Flags from the Anniversary Merchant. These flags are used as material for making festive banners for your guild buildings.
      • Anniversary Special Boss Reaper Event
        • We’re launching an anniversary special of our popular boss reaper event. Hunt down the Shadow Warrior, earn hits and use this chance to pick up a Bronze, Silver or Golden Decimus Chest, which may contain valuable Anniversary Coins.
      • All items offered will now be displayed on one page when using the Kashmir Bundle. Two pages are only displayed when setting up the shop.
      • When using the Kashmir Bundle, the shop title will be placed higher than other shops.
      • A new option is available for Auto-Hunting which allows you to fight outside the fixed radius. (Note: The character will then move around within the map!)
      • All quests now provide information via quest scroll when active. Previously this information was restricted to a blinking arrow above the NPC.
      • Improved the drop of herbs from the monsters En-Tai Sovereign and Jotun Thrym.
      • The Teleporter in the Enchanted Forest has been moved near the spawn point.
      Bug Fixes
      • Fixed an error which allowed ores to be socketed in equipped gear.
      • Fixed an error whereby certain inventory slots did not recognise if DSS items were used from them.
      • Fixed an error which caused the En-Tai Guardian to sometimes disappear immediately.
      • Fixed an error which allowed the rankings for Meley's Lair to be manipulated.
      • Fixed an error which caused a message to appear in Korean when attempting to equip a Tuxedo or Wedding Dress while wearing a costume.
      • Fixed an error which allowed players to kill other players without losing rank points.
      • Fixed an error which caused graphical glitches relating to costumes and mounts.
      • Fixed an error which caused a time glitch in Spiders Dungeon 3.
      • Fixed an error which allowed the Potion of Speed to be activated multiple times although it was already active.
      • Fixed an error which caused incorrect information to be displayed when equipping Tiger Bone items.
      • Fixed an error which allowed Auto-Hunting features to remain active despite the duration having expired.
      • Fixed an error which caused an incorrect message to be displayed if a guild leader attempted to transfer a guild to another member who was not on the same map as themselves.
      • Fixed an error which caused only two-thirds of the slot for the Lord Sash to be clickable.
      • Fixed an error which broke the Auto-Hunting interface if a Teleportation Ring was used.
      • Fixed an error which caused a guild to receive an additional 300 guild rank points after successfully completing Meley’s Lair.
      • Fixed an error which made the non-tradeable items Exorcism Scrolls and Concentrated Reading tradeable.
      • Fixed an error which allowed more than one item to be placed in an occupied slot in the interface for feeding pets.
      • Fixed an error which allowed more than one item to be placed in an occupied slot in the private shop interface.
      • Fixed an error which caused the percentage display in the status icon not to refresh when the inventory was closed.
      • Fixed an error which prevented the guild leader from being able to read the guild chat.
      • Fixed an error which prevented the horse sound from playing if a player teleported together with the horse.
      • Fixed an error which caused a client crash if too many potions were crafted from herbs using the command ‘/cube make all’ or the option ‘Produce all potions’. The maximum number of potions is 20.
      • Fixed an error which incorrectly rounded up and displayed the character’s rank points.
      • Fixed an error which placed the friends list interface above the belt inventory window if the inventory window was active.
      • Fixed an error which in certain circumstances caused the Dash skill to reduce the magic defence but not restore it again.
      • Fixed an error which blocked NPC shops if the player had an active quest from them.
      • Fixed an error which allowed players to take buffs received in the Combat Zone back with them onto normal maps.
      • Fixed various translation errors and/or adjusted various descriptions.
    • 11.02 - 50% exp 6h
      14.02 - 75% exp 8h
      15.02 - Ebony box purple 6h
      17.02 - 20% drop item 3h
      18.02 - Moonlight box 2h (part 1)
      19.02 - 15% yang drop 3h
      20.02 - Ebony box Red 6h
      21.02 - 50% exp 8h
      23.02 - 15% yang drop 3h
      25.02 - 20% drop item 3h
      26.02 - Moonlight box 2h (part 2)
      27.02 - Ebony box purple 6h
    • Today we deactivated the event and noticed that npcs were also gone. After reactivating the npcs, cakes do not work as intended.
      How we proceed:

      1: Event has been deactivated, NPCs stay for 7 days, so you can spend your coins

      2: Cake can’t be acquired anymore - they expire in the moment you spend your coins or flags on them

      3: If you spent flags on purchasing cakes and they disappeared (that means today after event got deactivated - and before the announcement was posted) please let us know via the support system and we will refund them - if you spent 50 flags or multiples of it we will return coins (50flags equal 1 coin).

      4: Next Monday, NPCs are to be shutdown (at 14:00) and Cake + flags will automagically disappear.