Lycan in PVM

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    • Lycan in PVM

      Hello guys!

      I wanna create myself a Lycan and since i never had one i`m lacking knowledge about its capabilities.
      I`ll go for a PVM one with Crimson Soul, Indigo Soul, Wolf's Claw and 2 INT / 1 VIT.

      So... his hits are very powerful cuz of Crimson Soul but how about defense? Cuz Indigo Soul is not so powerful in early stages, it helps but as i said before, not so wow at early stages + he gets armor reduction from Crimson Soul.

      So..he good is he in G2 for example or at cracking metin stones?? He would tear them down fast cuz of my first Master but i have some concerns about his survivabilty in general.

      I just want to know how good is he in general PVM and PVP in comparison to other characters like Warriors, Suras etc..
    • little late answer i guess,
      Anyways the point of the game is to be in a team and each character has a special abilities for pvm or pvp,
      getting the skills on the max level, finishing the bio, having the right gear with right set of bonuses and ofc the right alchemy will be more than enough to make you satisfied with your character ..
      in the end i don't see any difference between all characters but the feelings you will have for it after spending time and emotions to make it stronger.
    • Another late reply I guess :D

      Crimson doesn't give def reduction anymore and even when it did it wasn't much and I (someone who mains lycan) didn't even feel it.
      Compared to body warrior it's very similar. Defence not that great but the damage is awesome. If you have the right resistances then surviving isn't that hard. In PvM I'd say it's almost same as body warrior with a few little differences.
      In G2 with enough lightning resistance it's great and easy and at breaking stones if you kill them fast enough then don't need to worry about resistances (just horse slash away in case of an emergency). In terms of survivability I don't think it differs much from body warr and since the last update its no problem at all if you have the right gear. Compared to wep sura - with similar gear the damage will be better for lycan but suras are obviously better at tanking things and if you want to tank almost anything and run around without using red pots then wep sura is the right choice, but if you want to kill things fast then lycan or warrior.
      In PvP its quite simple - if the enemy has claw/lycan resistance you will do average damage and about same as any other class but if the enemy has no resistances you will do very high damage.

      However, looking at the date of the first post I'd say you know all of that by now but I still wanted to say something ¯\_(ツ)_/¯