Hello from me

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    • Hello from me

      Hey im new here on Metin2 UK I have played metin2.DK for 6 - 7 years and now I want to try here :luvu: .

      I also have some questions for you here on UK. :huh2:
      What I want to know is what kingdom is best to start up in. Im also want to know what race there at best (Im not playing Sura).

      On the DK server Im normally play lycan only because I fill he is awesome :luvu: . but are there gear for a Lycan on UK.

      what can you guys recommend for me as a new player?

      thanks for your help
      - Unknow carakter (I haven't made one)
      Kingdom: Jinno
      Class: Lycan
      Name: Vepera
    • Best to start up in Jinno as most people sell stuff there, and also most farmers and such. Easiest class to get items for is like always Warrior, but then again skill books are the most expensive for that class. Lycan or Warrior is best if you want to be good both PvM and eventually PvP (Body warrior not that much in pvp).