When will there be further information about upcoming PvP balance?

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    • When will there be further information about upcoming PvP balance?

      We have now waited for this PvP balance to come for several months over time. It was said in the 2016 preview that it would come after Easter was done. I don't know how how long this will take, but its already been 3 months and more. Why promise PvP balance when you need so much time to get it done?

      Though it is of course better that they make the balance as good as they can instead of releasing something before they made the right changes, such as the Meley's Hort run. Which was released before they seem to have tried it themselves almost and then changed so it is close to impossible without gathering the entire servers PvMers into one guild. As we already can see they are complaining on the bigger servers about it even and only few guilds have made it?

      Hopefully we can get some good answers from the team so we at least know how much longer we have to wait for this!

      The upcoming changes might be critical for the survival of the server, thats at least my opinion and it might be shared by some. I had hopes after Meley's Hort was introduced at start, but after changes I have my doubts again.

    • Trust me I made this thread based on that information, it should be possible to at least come with a time perspective. I won't stay in this game if the future is so unknown. Which also will lead to more people quitting after this summer I am sure.

      The changes can be hard to come up with I understand, also I dont know if there is a way for the community to come with specific balance changes to the PvP to help out Webzen with their slow-working progress.

      Skillgannon you just refer to such thread because you dont know more, but I want our CoMa to come with a better answer. Because I don't want info that we already got with no time frames whatsoever. It the same as when the Merge of servers were delayed several months few years back, where they just try their best to keep people hanging waiting for something good to happen, but then it's already to late.
    • Read the second post properly

      The changes that were made to be implemented after easter were refused and not implemented.

      There is no time perspective, not public anyway, because you guys will always simply use it against us if it's not met.

      What was done in terms of balancing was seriously not good enough to go live, and therefore it's delayed until other things are done.

      The development of the game doesn't stop because of this, there's still new content beeing developed in paralell to this, and therefore it will take it's time.

      You won't have nay other answer besides what is written by the PD.

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    • Yes dear BS Skillgannon, I read that thread few times already, and yes maybe the community would be harsh against you if you set a date you wouldnt be able to keep, but then again its nothing new for Gameforge.

      The focus on new things to implement should be delayed until any PvP balance has been released. New content is also other reasons that players are quitting, due to most of them requiring top notch items and alchemy which is hard without being a massive spender.

      I don't know if they even consider the number of players going slowly but steadily down in most servers, just recently read a thread on DE Board about it.

      Priorities is something Gameforge/Webzen have no clue about because they rarely listen to any opinions from the community, with exception of the last Open Beta for the Enchanted Forest and such.

      Priorities should be for now at least doing the PvP balance, then focus on the low level aspects which we heavily depend on to get new players to the game. The last thing we really need right now is more content for high levels, we had so many updates in the last 2 years, that I think we are happy with that for some time.

      I won't listen to your replies only repeating whats been said constantly, I understand you however want to show that you are good at your "job".

      Let Azathor come and give me a really good answer to this instead of you.
    • So we might have to wait another year for PvP balance I guess...

      That will probably be to late for PvP in UK soon only PvMers left.

      Thanks for replying nevertheless. At least I dont have to fry skill now and get myself banned like others.