Dt Run And Mining

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    • Dt Run And Mining

      Why not make a dt run event, with those who make run on fastest time?

      winner can get for example 6 smith's as in the event Run with us
      2nd place 3 smith's
      3rd place 1 smith?

      and i would also like if it was possible to bring back the mining event as its something fit for all lvls :)


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    • Well, about the DT runs I think it needs a lot of co-ordination and basically that could be determined by the number of applicant runners (which I believe to be enormous). Not a bad suggestion but I hardly believe it's going to be seriously discussed because "Run With Us" is already being held monthly I believe.

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    • Hello
      I suggest something about the DT runs.So, the biggest problem for all players when they make run, is that they can't find the coordinates on this smith who they need.I mean, it's gonna be much easier if the board publicate somewhere some coords for the differents smiths.
      Thank you