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    • Question & Tips Guidelines

      Questions and Tips Guidelines

      The Metin2 UK Board Rules stand above these rules.
      How to use this section?

      Always Search First:
      This is one of the most important points for the Questions and Tips Section. Use the Search function and check the Technical Support FAQ as well as other "Sticked" threads prior to posting about an issue. If there is a previous thread answering a question you bring up your thread will be closed by the Board Team.

      Make Sure Replies Are Civil:
      If you are posting to help another user please do so in a kind and civil manner. Just because somebody has a problem and has asked for help does not mean you are better than them. As such, any posts that are considered to be of this nature may result in warnings.

      Appropriate Thread Titles:
      When creating a new thread, make sure the title is appropriate and too the point. This will help when other users search for answers in the future. Thread titles such as "Help!" or "Urgent!!" are not accepted and will be changed.

      Help Us To Help You:
      Make sure in your thread you include detailed information about the issue, how you can recreate it, screenshots of the problem may also help find a solution quicker. If the problem is a technical one then information about your computer (i.e OS, browser version, firewall/anti virus version) will normally be required.

      Keep Up To Date:
      Once you have posted a thread, make sure you check it regularly. Users and Staff may ask you to provide additional information about your problem that may help discover the cause and solution.

      These are only guidelines. However, repeated violation of these guidelines can result in warnings.

      Your Metin2 UK Team

      Feel free to PM me about any board or support related questions.

      NEVER share your Game or Forum Account Credentials with ANYONE