"taboo words ingame"

    • "taboo words ingame"

      i know many people get bans for saying words that are not allowed, as elika now got she didnt even know what she got ban for.

      i simple wanna ask gms if its possible for u to make a list of the words that are not allowed to use in any language, because sometimes ppl get bann without even knowing why they got.
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    • And dont forget that the sistem is very bad.....clarn to be a forbident word :O=)) i mean wtf is something from the game but u cant spell it.
      Or class(room ....).They can put restrictions where they shoudnt why dont they put restriction to forbiden words
    • Clam can become offending when you say
      ''shut your CLAM!!!!'' yea back in the 1950s xDDD
      Clam shouldn't be censored, its ridiculous xD
      who says that anymore :-O xDD haha ok
      uhmmmmm, yea either a list of words or censor them all...
      so we have to talk like this--> h.e.y.a h.o.w a.r.e y.o.u x.D h.a.h.a.h.a.h.a.h.a
      never mind....a list of words should do..

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