Pinned Game Updates Log

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    • 16-06-2009:
      new log in graphic
      new graphic when entering the Red Forrest

      start page change:
      you may now see the character information related to each account when logged into the main site (account information -> characters)

      there was also some small additions to prepare for the horse sugar which will be available in the item shop in the near future.
    • Maintenance - 25/08

      So, one more maintenance and some bugfixes, here is the list:

      >Respawn Fix
      ->Red Wood - several issues with spawning/re-spawning.
      ->Fixed some of the re-spawn problems at the Demon tower.
      >Solved problem which made impossible to improve items in the Demon's tower Blacksmith.
      >Solved a problem that would still show up the option to upgrade the mining pickaxe even though it was at +9.
      >Translated some of the ingame korean text

      Have fun! :)
    • changes 15.9.

      > Collectquest for level 85 / 90 implemented*
      > DropRate Collectquest level 80 optimized
      > [Bugfix] empty announcements InGame
      > Changed loading screen (changed sword)
      > [Bugfix] several text errors
      -> Mr Soon mission fixed
      -> Yu-Hwan mission Fixed

      and finally:
      corum CLOSED for new registrations

      * just been told, If a player finished the quest collect_quest_lv80 before these quests were implemented he will not be able to activate the lvl85, there will be a script ran next week that should fix this.
    • 22.09.

      > fix "Empty Scroll" quest problem
      > fix for the new collect quests for those that had already completed the previous last quests and were unable to do the new quests.
    • Torrent Updater - Tomorow( 30/09/2009)

      Tomorow we'll get the new Torrent Updater for Metin2.Uk.

      Facts that you should know,

      - We need to implement this way of updating our client because of the future updates, if we don't use this system we might "crash" the Internet in some countries - no, I am not kidding about this.
      - This new updater consists on a program that connects to other players so that the update can the passed on between players instead of downloading it directly from our servers. As you might guess, we will still have various servers uploading the patch so that it can be passed on in the beggining.
      - Another big point about this new updater patch is the lack of multi-client support. Basically you cannot - at least directly - open two or more clients at the same time, so I will explain how to do it. When you open metin2.exe it and press the button "Start", you will open automatically the torrent program, if you let it do the update till 100% the Metin2 Client will open short afterwards - but the Torrent updater will still be open as you can see in the lower right corner. Now, if you close the torrent updater you'll be able to open one more client BUT please let the updater open because it is needed.
      - Another thing, if the updater hangs up at 99.x%, please let it be for at least 5 minutes, if not solved till then, close the updater and run metin2.exe again, usually this solves the problem. If you still haven't managed to update the client, please wait for a little more then 15 minutes, the last part is the one that takes more time.

      Any question, just ask. ;)
    • 9/10/09 - background update*

      [Feature] new loading screens
      [Feature] new ingame font
      [BugFix] several text / localisation errors
      [BugFix] Collect Quest lvl 70 fixed
      [BugFix] Broken communication between channels

      * a background update is something that downloads over a few days, and will be activated during the next maintenance.
    • Wraith02 wrote:

      9/10/09 - background update*

      [Feature] new loading screens
      [Feature] new ingame font
      [BugFix] several text / localisation errors
      [BugFix] Collect Quest lvl 70 fixed
      [BugFix] Broken communication between channels

      * a background update is something that downloads over a few days, and will be activated during the next maintenance.

      and Corum opened for new registrations

      there is also the Empty bottles available in the general store, while they are purchasable now, the majority of their functions are deactivated as they are a for use for a later feature in our new content when its activated ;)

      also the item, Glass of Insight should be available in the item shop for 9 DC later on today.
      the Glass of Insight can be used to show someone else your items safely.

      edit 2:
      the Glass of Insight is now available and is available in a pack of 10 for 9 DCs
    • torrent update:

      its now possible to have multiple clients open with out having to close the seeder each time

      the other issues that have been reported are still being worked on.
    • 17.11
      * [BugFix] some translation problems fixed
      * [BugFix] several text problems fixed (quests, item descriptions)
      * [BugFix] empty announcements fixed
      * [BugFix] can not kick someone anymore with glass of insight function
      * [Feature] automatic spam filter
      * [Feature] glass of insight stackable
      * [Feature] new beginner quest at level 4
      * [Feature] max HP Bonus changed*

      About max HP:

      Display Spoiler
      Old one:

      New one:

      new item shop items
      blessing marble & musk oil and some new beginners packages

      Display Spoiler
      Blessing Marble
      This legendary marble adds a fith attribute to items that already have four attributes. The addition can also fail though.

      Musk Oil
      Musk Oil is a real miracle potion when it comes to giving your body a new smell. Musk Oil is used as a foundation for making fragrances and can be combined with a number of other ingredients such as lilac. Is needed to complete a quest of level 4.

      Small Starter Package
      Collect experience points and achieve higher levels more quickly with this starter package! Get your Medal of the Dragon (10 units) and an experience ring (7 days) together for just 69 DR reduced from 90 DR!

      Medium Starter Package
      Get ahead with the medium starter package. Secure the Experience Ring (7 days), the Wind Shoes and the Medal of the Dragon (10 units), together for only 99 DR reduced from 149 DR.

      Large Starter Package
      This hassle-free package for all adventurers contains the items from the medium starter package... and more! Get the Experience Ring (7 days), Wind Shoes, the Thief`s Gloves (7 days), the Blessing of the Dragon as well as the Medal of the Dragon (10 units) for just 129 DR reduced from 201 DR!
    • 18/11

      new IS package
      Blessing Scroll 2+1 economy pack

      Display Spoiler

      price 1440 DM
      0Weapons often have more potential than you might think. Experts often try to bring all the skills of a weapon to the surface. But sometimes these attempts fail and the weapon breaks into pieces- after all, nobody`s perfect.

      The Blessing Scroll reduces the risk of destroying an item if an upgrade fails. The cost of this process is that the quality of the item is merely reduced by 1 point.

      Attention: This item CANNOT be bought. You only get it by trading Dragon Marks for it.
    • Corum closed to new registrations

      other news:
      the Grotto of Exile is having another test run in another language this week
      if things go well, then its not far away..
    • some bug fixes this week, the most notable being:
      - BugFix for Polymorph Marble

      there was also over 5 thousand known spam bot accounts blocked (yes, its not been that long since the last banning, and they have managed to get that many "qued up".. maybe now you can understand why its not easy for us to just keep banning them ;))
    • there is a new NPC "Heuk-Young" in map 2.

      he will explain a bit about these glyph stones and collect them from you in return for some items.
      he will also collecting gold for a amulet that will allow entry to the grotto when its open ;)

      there will be more information about that, and the grotto following in the next few days.
    • the grotto is online
      also there is a new item shop package, Biologist Quest Package available for 119 DRs
      Display Spoiler
      For ambitious scientists, that want to be more successful at Biologist Quests. Contains: - the Researcher`s Elixir (10 units) - the Medal of the Dragon (10 units) - the Thief`s Gloves (7 days) and - the Potion of Attack +10 (10 units).

      there i also a new loader, though we also know the new links dont work... their being worked on now -.-

      and Corum closed for new registrations again.
    • with the opening of the grotto there are a number of special offers available in the item shop:

      from 03.02. until 12.02.: the medal of the dragon will be only 24 DC (normally 29 DC)
      from 03.02. until 05.02.: the blessing of life, 5 items will be only 59 DC (normally 75 DC)
      from 05.02. until 09.02.: the blessing of the dragon, 5 items will only be 79 DC (normally 100 DC)
      from 09.02. until 12.02.: the blessing of magic, 5 items will be only 59 DC (normally 75 DC)